When Visited

  • Feb 6-17, 2017

Getting Around

  • This was the first time that we had visited the island. After doing research, most recommendations were to avoid Kingston (on the southeast) and Negril (on the west coast) since Kingston is considered more dangerous by most, and Negril is a very popular tourist spot.
  • We decided to fly into Montego Bay (MoBay) which is where Southwest Airlines flies. We spent one night there and then spent 4 nights/3 days at a VBRO near Ocho Rios (on the north central coast), and the last 5 nights/4 days at a unique, African-style resort named Great Huts (on the north eastern coast, near the city of Port Antonio (Porty).  The area near Port Antonio is often described as more unspoiled by tourists and development – and it certainly was that.
  • All driving is on the left hand side of the road in Jamaica – like England and most other islands – opposite from the US. The biggest adjustment I found is looking to your right for oncoming traffic, instead of looking to your left.  I had the extra advantage of having driven almost 5000 miles in England and Wales back when I lived there for a short period in 2002.

The Jamaican People

  • We found the Jamaican people that we encountered to be almost universally a very gentle, polite people. We had been warned, before travelling to Jamaica, about crime, including pick-pocketing, and how to never go out alone. Certainly, standard precautions are recommended, whenever and wherever you travel.  But I never was made to feel uncomfortable at any time during our stay.
  • Now, when you go into craft markets, be prepared to be bombarded with vendors trying to constantly get your attention before you look to one of the other vendors. But just being polite, and insistent, in your “no thanks”, seems to work very well.  Just get used to having to do that a lot.
  • I don’t think that I ever had to fend off a street beggar, and that is pretty unique in all my travels – especially within the US. I did get an unasked for, and therefore free window wash on one occasion, but that was about it.

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