Kitchen Window Shelf

I completed this project in March of 2017, after we returned from a vacation to Jamaica. For more information about that trip, and about Jamaica itself, please see the Jamaica post in the Travel section of this blog.

While staying at a wonderful condo in Ocho Rios, both Deborah and I were taken with a number of the unusual features that had been added to the condo when it was prepared for use as a rental site on VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner – AirBNB before there was an AirBNB).  One of the features that particularly impressed us were the unusual, wooden window treatments in the home.  Here are a few examples.

Ocho Rios Window Treatment 02Ocho Rios Window Treatment 01

After we returned home, I was interested in trying to do something similar for one of our windows, and our south facing kitchen window seemed like the best candidate.  So I began the project, first designing it in a Powerpoint, as I do with almost all of my projects.  Then I bought the materials and it began to take shape.  Once completed, I went around to numerous antique dealers looking for multi-colored glass items to place on the shelves that would take advantage of the afternoon sun.

The following pictures show the design and build process and, finally, the end result.

Kitchen Window Shelf Initial PPT

Kitchen Window Shel Building Process

Kitchen Window Shelf Before and After

Kitchen Window Shelf Finished Product


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