Tuscany Coast-Pisa-Cinque Terre

When Visited

  • Nov 2014

Viareggio  (on the Tuscany coast)

  • This was maybe our second most favorite of the VRBO’s (Vacation Rental by Owner) in which we stayed while in Italy. We were on the top floor of an apartment building with a beautiful patio that has a wonderful view of the Ligurian Sea.  We were there for 7 days.  The cost was 550 Euro for 7 nights.  Not too shabby.
  • Viareggio is another medium sized city (think Oshkosh or Fond du Lac, Wisconsin – not even Madison size). It is located just north of Pisa – famous, of course, for the Leaning Tower which we definitely visited.
  • We probably did a bit more just lounging here than in any other location because, hey, we were on the Tuscany Coast, right? But we did manage to do a few very memorable activities while here as well.

Highlights of our stay on the Tuscany coast included …

  • Driving down and seeing not only the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but the entire piazza on which it is located.


  • Taking the train from Viareggio north to the Cinque Terra – the Five Lands. This is described as the Italian Riviera.  It consists mainly of five, little coastal towns that are all quaint and unique.
    • You can take the little local train between the towns (as we did) or you can walk the trails along the coast between each town. Having dinner in a streetside café is a recommended activity. We had some of our favorite Bruschetta when we stopped for dinner in Vernazza.
  • Driving up into the mountains that are just inland, overlooking Viageggio. We saw probably our favorite sunset from a little chiesa (church) on the mountainside.
    • By the way, from down below, in Viareggio, you can see a lot of locations and little towns on the mountain side that look very intriguing. Trying to find the right roads that lead up to them can be more than a bit challenging!
  • We had plans to, but never did wind up visiting a cheese factory in nearby Parma – think Parmesan cheese. Not only do they have great cheese but the local ham (prosciutto) is reportedly very good as well.
  • We visited nearby Lucca – a very small town less than 20 miles southeast of Viareggio. It is famous for its walled central city.  You can walk around the city on top of the walls.
  • We didn’t go, but Genoa Italy (think Christopher Columbus) is located on the coast about 90 miles north of Viareggio.

Pictures from the island of Tuscany Coast-Pisa-Cinque Terre


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