Amalfi and Pompeii

When Visited

  • Nov 2014

Driving south from Orvieto to the Amalfi Coast

  • We really only had two fairly lengthy drives during our entire trip around the country. Driving from Rome up to Padova on day one was a bit over 300 miles.  Then the drive from Orvieto down to the Amalfi coast was a bit over 400 miles.
  • Since this was our longest drive, we only made a few pit stops along the way and didn’t stop to do any sightseeing. We wanted to get to our mountainside villa as soon as we could.
  • We drove by Naples but did not attempt to see the city either on the way down, or on the way back. In what I read about it prior to our trip, it sounded like a very busy, large U.S. city – many millions of residents.  That is not what we went to Italy to see – other than Rome, of course.


  • Furore is located on the southern side of the Amalfi coast, about 20 miles east of Sorrento which is one of the main cities on the peninsula. The VRBO we chose looked very nice on the website, which is why we decided to stay there.  Little did we know!  However, we had been warned that driving along the roads on the Amalfi peninsula was something that was definitely NOT recommended. So we just planned to drive straight across the mountain from Pompei, which we stopped to see on our way back to Rome.  We then just basically parked our car near our VRBO.  We did take one side trip to nearby Amalfi, which proved to be a very worthwhile trip.  Once again, we got some beautiful daylight and evening pictures.
  • We had planned to take the bus to Positano and Sorrento but the road west of Furore had been washed out by a landslide so that way was closed. I also came down with some pretty severe back spasms just after we arrived so I spent two of our four days there basically sofa ridden.
  • We also had thought about taking a boat to the nearby island of Capri to see their famous Blue Grotto. But my back issues nixed that idea.  From what I had read, a boat trip to Capri sounds like it would have been worth it.
  • Still, that villa we stayed in was the spectacular single highlight of our trip. For 85 Euro per night (a little over $100US in 2014), for 5 nights, we had the use of the 2nd floor and roof of a 3 story villa on the mountainside looking down on the Tyrrhennian Sea.  Had we wanted to, we could have rented the entire villa for 200 Euro/night.  Here is just one picture of the villa.  There are more to see in the Amalfi and Pompeii folder out on


Driving back from the Amalfi Coast to Rome

  • On our way back to Rome, we stopped to visit Pompeii – site of one of the most famous volcanic eruptions in history – Mt Vesuvius. Walking around the stone streets of the city was quite interesting, all done in the shadow of the remains of Mt Vesuvius looming close to the north.  We even saw the mummified remains of some people and animals who had been caught literally right in their tracks by the heavy rain of superheated volcanic ash.  The remains and bones of the individuals were long since gone but when they unearthed them, they were able to uncover the cast form of what they would have been inside of the hardened volcanic ash that remained.   Eerie stuff.

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Pictures from Amalfi and Pompeii

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