Solace (A movie review on DVD)

Released in Theaters

  • Dec, 2016


  • 26% – Rotten Tomatoes Critics
  • 44% – Rotten Tomatoes Movie Goers
  • 72% – Roger Koehler


  • Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Abbie Cornish, Colin Farrell

Directed by

  • Afonso Poyart

Roger’s Review

I did not look at this movie’s ratings on Rotten Tomatoes prior to us seeing it recently on DVD.  In this case, even if I had, we would have likely watched it anyway because of our mutual enjoyment of one of the lead actors.  More on that a bit later in this review.

While I do not consider Rotten Tomatoes to be the Holy Grail when it comes to movie decision making, it is pretty rare that the ratings from both  the professional critics and the viewing audience differ so greatly with my own assessment, and in this movie’s case, from my wife’s assessment as well.

We both enjoyed this movie, and it kept our interest right up to the end, with a generally fulfilling ending.  Contrast that with the meager 26% approval given to it by professional critics and the less than stellar 44% given to it by movie goers.  I guess most of them were not particularly Jeffrey Dean Morgan fans.

Although this movie was released in theaters for a relatively short run in Dec 2016, we did not see it until August of 2017 on DVD.  The main reason we checked it out (from our local library) was because both my wife and I like one of the lead actors – Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  We have actually seen a number of movies of his, for exactly that reason.  I know that actors tend to make some klunkers now and then, and some of the more brutally honest of them will simply tell you that they just wanted the paycheck.  But so far, we have enjoyed most everything in which we have seen Jeffrey Dean.

  • Deborah’s first memory of him was in a recurring role in TV’s Grey’s Anatomy back in 2006-2009.  We both saw him again in the short lived TV series Extant, with Halle Berry in 2015.  For us, perhaps his most memorable TV role was in The Good Wife  where he guest starred for two seasons with Juliannea Margulies.  For quite some time, I thought that he was the movie actor Javier Bardem.  As the following pictures show, there is quite the resemblance.  (Jeffery is on the right)

solace - javier and jeffrey.jpg

Back to this movie, Morgan plays an FBI agent Joe, who, along with his female partner Katherine, are trying to solve another in a growing list of serial killings.  Joe is being pressured to solve the case and, to do so, he contacts an old friend John, played by Anthony Hopkins, who had helped him solve some cases in the past with his psychic abilities.  Hopkins character had recently backed away from his work, however, because of his being distraught over the lingering death of his daughter who had finally succumbed to cancer.

John reluctantly agrees to help Joe and Katherine with the case.  Katherine is skeptical of John’s supposed abilities, but it is her partner’s call, so she goes along with it – reluctantly at first.

Colin Farrell does not appear until very near the end of the movie but he has a very crucial role.

solace - abbie and jeffrey.jpg

I will tell you that, besides the psychic ability of John, the movie does involve more than just a bit of the supernatural, if you will.  That might be a turnoff to some viewers, and from reading some of the reviews, that appears to have been the case.  But in our case, that did not detract from our enjoyment of the film in the least.

Since the movie is no longer in theaters, it’s not like you will be investing a lot to take a chance on this movie, and I do recommend it.  The price is certainly right if you can find it on Redbox, or even better yet, if you can find it in your local library as we did.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan roles which we have personally seen or plan to see …

  • Grey’s Anatomy (2006-2009 – TV)
  • Extant (2015 – TV) with Halle Berry
  • The Good Wife (2016 – TV)
  • The Losers (2010 – theater) – not yet seen but on our list
  • The Resident (2011 – theater)
  • Heist (2015 – theater)

Official movie trailer …


Rotten Tomatoes reviews …

solace - arrest.jpg

4 thoughts on “Solace (A movie review on DVD)”

  1. We saw this movie on Netflix recently. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has long since been a favorite of mine. We enjoyed the movie a lot And I personally was unhappy that Anthony Hopkins’ character was correct in both his predictions. A good film overall👍👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You mentioned that Hopkins (John) was correct in both of his predictions. Certainly he was in the case of Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Joe). He died. But his other main premonition was the death of Katherine, which did not eventually happen. What second prediction are you referring to?


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