016 – Dodging a nuclear bullet – one madman takes on another (An editorial)

Almost astonishingly lost in all of the follow-up to the violence in Charlottesville, and the totally clueless response of the bigot-in-chief, was the status of the crisis with North Korea.  Really, how ridiculously astounding is that?  The world is pushed to the brink of a nuclear war and the following week no less, that does not even merit a blip on the news radar.

There can be no question that it has been a very good thing to see Kim Jong Un backed off (perhaps temporarily, but at least for now) on his nuclear threats.  The world lucked out … on this occasion.  The important thing now will be to recognize this narrow escape for just exactly what it is … and not to let it somehow lend any type of credibility to the human abomination who still holds the office of President.

For one moment, consider what transpired in order to make this happen.  Trump was more than willing, almost giddy, to threaten North Korea and thereby to clearly risk the deaths of up to 60 million people or more, including hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Why would he be willing to do that?

  • Because he is such a master strategist?  Hardly.
  • Because he was absolutely sure that Kim would blink?  No way.

The clear answer to that question is that he weighed the benefits to Donald Trump personally and decided that risking millions of lives (not his own, of course) was completely outweighed by the potential political and personal benefit he thought he could achieve by the perception that it was he alone who was willing to call Kim Jong Un’s bluff.

Thank God that this appears to have turned out well for now, but if there ever was a situation where the right thing happened for absolutely the wrong reasons, then this was it.

Here is what Senator Lindsay Graham said in the lead up to all of this …

016 - Dodging a nuclear bullet - Lindsays comment.jpg

I absolutely believe those were Trump’s words, and his feelings.  Since he felt there was no real risk to the continental United States, he had no reservation whatsoever in playing world-class Russian Roulette with all those other lives.  By the way, it was indeed “millions” of lives at risk to die – not just thousands.

His base will no doubt predictably tout this as an “I told you so” moment.  “See, we were right all along about him.”  I would expect nothing less from them.

But to everyone else who is not completely invested in finding any way at all to justify their vote for Trump, this should not  be considered a triumph in any way, shape or form.  More than that, it is yet just the latest proof (or it was the latest until this past week) of just how irrational and totally self-centered this man really is.

Republicans have been shown on many occasions that Trump has only one guiding principle – what is best for Trump.  They have seen time and again that loyalty is an absolute one way street with him.  Cross him, in his mind, even just once and he will throw you under the bus quicker than you can say Kim Jong Un, or General Pershing.

Well, all of humanity was just given that same stark lesson.  Trump was blithely willing to throw millions of people under the bus, but this time … this time … it miraculously turned out OK.

The question must be, how long will we allow this man to be in the position to be able to make that type of decision ever again?

016 - Doging a nuclear bullet - scent of incompetence