017 – Back the F$%# Off, You Creep! (An editorial)

Although I have never had the opportunity to see him perform in person, one of my favorite standup comedians is a guy named Bobby Collins.  He’s very much a New York City kind of guy … from the neighborhood … and his comedy style has always been appealing to me.  One of Bobby’s signature routines is what he calls On the Inside.

On the Inside  goes something like this.  Your spouse reminds you to do something, like to take out the garbage.  You turn to your spouse and say, “HEY.  Wait just a damn minute.  I’ll do it whenever I feel like it.”  … On the Inside.  But on the outside, what you really say to your spouse is something like “Okay, darling.  I’m sorry I forgot.  I’ll do it right away.  Just please don’t get angry with me.”

If there ever was one of those On the Inside  moments, it would have been when The Donald was stalking the stage right behind Hillary during the second debate.  She has said as much in the excerpts from her book that came out this past week.  In retrospect, she has said how really creepy that felt – how it made her skin crawl – but also how conflicted she was as how to best handle it.  But at the time, she decided to take the high road as she had, and as have many other women, when previously confronted with such boorish behavior by men.

Now who knows what the effect might have been if Hillary had indeed confronted him right there during the second debate.  Oh, she would have taken flack from some, I’m sure, for acting like a bitch.  But she was going to take that flack anyway.  I think that had she put him in his place right there, that just might have been enough for a lot of women (and men) to think, “You go girl.  That miserable jerk really deserved to be put in his place, and you just gave him exactly what he deserved.”  Who knows, with an election that had such a razor thin margin, and where turnout did play a factor, that might have energized enough people who otherwise just couldn’t muster enough motivation to go out and vote for Hillary.

017 - Back Off - text

Here is what I might have envisioned Hillary saying at that point in the debate.  The first time he stalks her, she turns right around and says to him …

“What on Earth do you think you’re doing, Donald?  You think you intimidate me by stalking me?  No way, that’s just plain disgusting.  What’s the matter?  You don’t have the stones to just try and grab me by my genitals?” (Editor’s note:  The Access Hollywood tape came out just two days before this debate.)

“Oh, that’s right.  I’m probably not young enough, or pretty enough for you to consider me worthy  of your sexual assault.  Now back the F%$# off, you lousy creep.”

It’s interesting at least to consider what the reactions might have been.

Now frankly, I’m not even so sure that it would have necessarily been a good thing … in the long run … if Hillary had pulled out that election.  As I have said in a previous editorial, we would likely have just been delaying the inevitable.

Had Hillary won, Donald and his sycophants would have just spent the next four years whining about how he was robbed, how the election was fixed, and we would have had to start going through this all over again in just another 2-3 years.

Think about it.  I think it is safe to say that the first black President was not given a fair shake, even with his personal character and dignity, and with his wonderful family, including a First Lady who brought such class and intelligence to that role like almost no one who preceded her.

What would it have been like for Hillary?  We would almost certainly have seen much more of Trey Goudy conducting Congressional hearings than we would have seen of Mitch McConnell.  (OK, maybe seeing less of McConnell would not have been such a bad thing.)  Also, who would we have had as the First Gentleman?  Why who else but good old Bill – loved and respected by all.  What a circus that would have been.  You can almost guarantee that the Donald would have been around in even greater force for the next election.

As bad it has been, and as bad as it is likely yet to be, at least we are getting this over with now.  It’s like needing to have an excruciatingly painful operation.  You don’t want to.  You keep putting it off.  But if you don’t do it, sooner or later you are going to have to do it anyway, and it is likely to be even more painful when you do.

Donald has thoroughly disgraced himself in these past seven months.  That may or may not be enough to prevent him from lasting an entire four years as President.  But I have to believe that it has completely destroyed any possibility that may have even remotely existed that he would ever get re-elected.

So let’s consider him to be that very painful operation that we know we needed to have, even though we dreaded having it.  Let’s just hope that the recovery doesn’t take too long – the sooner the better.


6 thoughts on “017 – Back the F$%# Off, You Creep! (An editorial)”

  1. Excellent editorial, Bro. I hope you saw the Saturday Night Live parody done by Alex Baldwin and Kate McKinnon. It was hilarious especially with the “Jaws” theme music in the background. I have yet to see a line Trump won’t cross.


    1. Oh, I saw it alright. It was hilarious … except in retrospect, it probably just made the behavior seem silly and foolish, instead of really insidious like it was. It was simply more sexual, macho intimidation tactics on his part … and he continued to get away with it, and still does.

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