018 – Unbelievable … but then again, so what else is new? (An editorial)

Ahhh, I’m sentimentally reminded of the time during the Cuban Missile Crisis when President John F. Kennedy famously stood before the United Nations and called Nikita Khrushchev  “La Femme Nikita”.

Oh, wait.  That never happened, did it?  I must be thinking of something else … like perhaps earlier today when the criminally pathetic, monumentally narcissistic, Imbecile-in-Chief embarrassed himself and the rest of the United States in front of the United Nations.

Besides, Trump is not literate enough, or intellectually aware enough to be able to use, much less come up with on his own, a mocking epithet like “La Femme Nikita”.  His clever repartee stopped developing during the fifth grade, if not before.  “Lyin’ Ted”, “Little Marco”, “Crooked Hillary” and now “the Rocket Man” clearly demonstrate the intellectual and emotional depth of that moron.

Just so everyone is clear on this.  Our Presidential asshole is blithely goading an equally narcissistic North Korean asshole into doing something that will, in Trump’s mind only, justify the potential extinction of 35 million or more people (including both North and South Korea).  Remember during the campaign when so many warned of the totally frightening proposition of having the nuclear codes in the hands of Trump?  Well, here we are folks, and let no one dare say that they are surprised.

When the time comes, make absolutely no mistake about it.  Trump will gleefully pull the trigger that will extinguish 35 million or more lives because he knows, or at least hopes, that his life and the lives of his family will not be among those 35 million.  He will do so because this is all about Trump, as everything else in his demonically insulated world has always been.  He thinks that this will somehow make people finally realize what an incredibly strong and historical figure he is, and how he was the only one who could have possibly ended the threat of North Korea – regardless of the human cost.

Hell, he will probably expect to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for doing it.

I seriously do not now see how this can be avoided, short of Kim Jong Un acting with some kind of totally uncharacteristic restraint.

I wish more Trump supporters would read this, but I somehow doubt that my political editorials are high on their reading list.  When 35 million or more lives are lost, and the world financial markets collapse, I wonder how they will be feeling then about how their damn 401K’s are doing?

Regardless of how important so many other issues are, whether they be the climate catastrophes – both hurricanes and Earthquakes, the Russia investigations, the rejuvenated Machiavellian attempt by the Republican Congress to yet again repeal (And replace?  Get real!) the Affordable Care Act just so they can claim an imaginary “win” for themselves and for their otherwise totally disloyal President … you name it.

Everything else takes a back seat to the fate of the Korean Peninsula.

7 thoughts on “018 – Unbelievable … but then again, so what else is new? (An editorial)”

  1. Thanks as always for your feedback, Robert. I have not received much reaction to this editorial so far. Whether on Facebook, or here, it seems most people don’t like to risk getting into something this controversial. One other reaction I have received is that the person felt I went “over the top” which may turn people off. I assume that person may be referring to the fact that in my editorial, I call our beloved leader, among other things, an asshole, an imbecile and a moron. If the truth hurts, then so be it. I’m sure I’m not alone in those feelings. I just have the balls to put it in writing.


  2. By the way, how did you like the graphic that I created for
    the top of this editorial? The stop watch is actually cropped out of a “60 Minutes” image I found on Google.


  3. Re the first paragraph of your editorial: I know you were only 11 yrs old at the time and barely situated in the northern part of the state we grew up in when JFK made those historical remarks at the UN. I was in my 20s then and kinda remember them in real time. 😃Whatever. I watched Trump’s speech yesterday (in front of the green granite wall he swears to replace) and was really not surprised at his bombastic speech. This was Trump speaking to his base, not the many of whom actually know about the U.N. General Assembly and its importance on the world’s stage. He was an embarrassment to me and to those who believe as I do. Believe me.


    1. Unless I misread this reply, you didn’t think I was serious when I related the story of JFK calling Khrushchev “La Femme Nikita”, did you? I don’t know that JFK ever personally addressed the UN. I assume he did. But not only would he never have said something so infantile, the foreign film “Nikita” on which the TV series, “La Femme Nikita” was based, was not released until 1990.


  4. Excuse me, but I need to make an additional comment. Donald Trump’s speech to the UNGA was an embarrassment to this country. He obviously holds that august body in total disrespect and I, for one, am ashamed that that person is the face of the United States of America. Believe me,


    1. I obviously completely agree. The man is not only morally bankrupt, he is a also a complete idiot. That is a dangerous combination in anyone, much less someone in such a position of power.


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