019 – Just a bunch of lazy Puerto Ricans looking for a handout (An editorial)

019 - gtrump tweet about lazy Puerto Ricans

“I’m getting very high marks on the Puerto Rico response” he says.  You pathetic clown.  The absolutely only one giving you high marks is YOU – you idiot.

At least the fool is consistent.  The response to Texas and Florida seems to have been sufficient.  Certainly, they have not been in the news at all over the past few weeks so we can only hope that they are recovering.  But then again, Florida in particular was hit nowhere near as badly as was Puerto Rico.

So for Texas and Florida … a generally good response.  For Puerto Rico, they are U.S. citizens, but are not a U.S. state, and they are non-white minorities to boot.  Not only that, but Puerto Rico is obviously a predominantly Democratic/Progressive island – no surprise there.  For them, the response has been totally unacceptable even though Trump and his administration continue to shamelessly pat themselves on the back.

As of today, Saturday, Sept 30th, it has been 10 days since hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico.  Finally, it seems that there is beginning to be some progress on organizing the relief effort.  Those hundreds of shipping containers have just sat there on the docks for days while people have gone without basic necessities for well over a week.  Apparently the FEMA “command” post is well air-conditioned, while there are still hospitals in San Juan in desperate need of generators.

019- standing in line

The Puerto Rican people stand in line in sweltering heat for hours just to try and get water, and then they stand in line again to get gas, and then again to get food.   Then the next day, they have to repeat the same thing.  Oh, and as if that were not way more than enough, a large percentage of them have no home or job to even go back to – at least one that wasn’t ripped apart by the hurricane.

Oh yeah.  You deserve tremendous praise for your response, you total jerk.

Donald Trump has never been wanting for anything in his life, except for even a shred of human dignity.  He has no clue what it means to be without power, food, water and fuel for even a minute … much less for ten damn days.

The Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, has been tirelessly working for the people of her city, and for the people of all of Puerto Rico.  The apparently clueless Puerto Rican governor, Ricardo Rossello, has certainly not been anywhere near as adamant in his response to the … non-response.

So, predictably, what was the response of His Orangeness?  Why to attack Mayor Cruz – what else?

019 - trump tweet about Mayor Cruz

One might only hope that the leaders of Puerto Rico, on behalf of their people, tell the Donald that they want nothing to do with his half-hearted and way belated photo op that is planned for this coming Tuesday.  If only someone would tell him to stick that photo op where the sun don’t shine.

If you are reading this, then more likely than not, you and I are like minded in our opinion of Trump.  The people who could benefit from a reality check would not recognize, much less accept, a Trump reality check if it bit them squarely in the ass.

When the Hell will people wake up and acknowledge the non-stop disgrace that is foisted upon our country every day?

The “base” to which Trump caters ad nauseum, will never admit they have been duped.  However, many of them have not even been duped.  They see Trump exactly for what he is … and to them that is a good thing.

We cannot even count on the Mueller investigation removing Trump from office.  With Republicans in any type of Congressional authority, it is highly doubtful they will act decisively on anything that Mueller recommends.

The vote is the only option.  Democrats are most certainly not blameless in our current circumstance.  Their failure to present a coherent response to the Trump abomination is what in large part allowed this farce to become reality in the first place.

But a Democratic vote is the only thing now that will most assuredly end the Trump phenomenon once and forever.  The Republicans have proven feckless and spineless all in the cause of stealing the Supreme Court nomination of Neal Gorsuch.  Thank Heavens they are so internally divided that they have not yet been able to push through the main elements of their Draconian legislative agenda.

Your vote is our only real option.  Do NOT sit on the sidelines when the next opportunity arises.

019 - a very big ocean


4 thoughts on “019 – Just a bunch of lazy Puerto Ricans looking for a handout (An editorial)”

    1. Based upon what you are hearing/reading, do you even think that is likely? I assume this is the US Supreme Court you are speaking about – not the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Either way, both of them are packed with conservatives, no?


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