024 – Sen. Orrin Hatch calls Donald Trump ‘one of the best’ presidents he’s seen in office (An editorial)

It’s been awhile since I last posted an editorial and quite obviously, lots has happened.  Heck, I could have posted my last editorial two days ago and still, lots would have happened since even then.

But this one just is one of those otherworldly, bizarre kinds of comments that just stops you dead in your tracks.  In fact, Hatch said this about a week ago (Nov 29th) and I kind of remember hearing it then but it didn’t really sink in, because you just are inundated by so many other things.  Oh yeah, now that I think of it, something else rather newsworthy happened on that same day – Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI!  I guess one could be forgiven for letting Hatch’s comment pass … at least momentarily.

But for crying out loud, how completely brain-dead do you have to be to say something so completely senseless as that?  Ok, you could be writing for Breitbart, or you could be a member of the Alt-Right, or you could be an avid listener of Alex Jones’ Infowars.  If you are, then I might be forced to understand.  Of course, if you do fall into one of those esteemed categories, that also unequivocally validates my brain-dead theory.

Trump is just getting more and more unhinged, even if I thought that might not even have been possible.  Those comments of his about that not being his voice on the Access Hollywood tapes shows that he is going completely off the rails.

024 - Hatch says Trump is the best President - The tape is very real

Then declaring Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel and moving the embassy just shows total disregard for any sort of awareness or common sense.  That one will likely have real, serious and likely immediate consequences.  If that does not result in increased conflict and the loss of human lives, both in the Middle East and in other parts of the world, I would be shocked.

Trump’s lawyers appear to be almost as off the rails as he is, as well.  Dowd’s declaration that Trump cannot obstruct justice, and Sekulow’s claim that there is no law against “collusion” clearly represent a change in strategy from “I did not obstruct justice, and I did not collude with Russia” to “I’m the President, and even if I did those things, screw you!”

024 - Hatch says Trump is the best President - Greetings from Reality

The totally balls-less Republican Congress will never do anything.  Mark my words, if Roy Moore wins that Senate race next week, they won’t even have the balls to kick him out of the Senate.  The only solution is for the Democrats to regain control of the House and Senate next year.  That may not be everyone’s ideal situation, but it is the only way this complete nightmare of a human being, and I use that term as lightly as is humanly possible, will ever be removed from office.

Regaining control of the Senate is even the more important of the two.  Can you imagine the deliciousness of a Supreme Court vacancy occurring after the 2018 elections?  What do you think the chances are that a Democratic Senate would let Trump get hearings and a vote for his next nominee?  Stick that one where the sun never shines, McConnell!

024 - Hatch says Trump is the best President The Lying King

8 thoughts on “024 – Sen. Orrin Hatch calls Donald Trump ‘one of the best’ presidents he’s seen in office (An editorial)”

  1. Hi Roger,
    I couldn’t agree with you more. (no pun intended). It almost makes me cry to see our country stoop so low. For our people to have so much disregard for morality, we would put a man into the White House like the ‘Orange Thing’. I find it so disheartening, we the people allow our government to take control over us to the point now that the only way we can get rid of this monster is (a) vote him out of office (b) impeach him through the congress (c) have him declared insane and unable to hold the office (d) pray that he dies quickly. None of the above appears likely to happen as long as we the people put our heads in the sand. I shake when I think we slept through the last electoral process and allowed people that got caught up in lies and false promises to put the ‘Orange Thing’ in office. I blame the ones that said they wouldn’t vote for a woman and they wouldn’t vote for Trump, so they stayed home rather than vote. I’m not a sexist, I hope I’m not, but where was the female vote? Did they stay home too or did they allow their sexist spouse to delegate how they should vote? Okay, I relinquish the soap box back to you. Thanks for allowing me to vent and thanks for the post.


    1. Thank you for venting. That is part of why I have decided to write my editorials. I use them to vent myself as well, but also to encourage others to get involved in the discussion. I thank you for doing so. The vote is the only way. I only hope the wave begun in Virginia will continue to flow into 2018 … and start a bit early next Tuesday in Alabama.

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      1. I wouldn’t hold my breath on Alabama. The ‘Orange Thing’ has too many followers there. The Christain Right believes Moore’s lies and will vote for him. In fact they will vote for a republican no matter what. What did the ‘Orange Thing’ say – I can stand in Times Square and shoot someone and the people will still vote for me. And they did.


      2. The person to watch on Tuesday night will be Steve Kornacki on MSNBC. He really has a good handle on the areas to watch early on as an indication of what is to come. That should give us a good indication of how the evening should probably pan out.

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      3. As I expected, Steve Kornacki was once again very much on point in his evaluations on election night. He made a particularly prescient call when Moore briefly cut into Jones lead late in the evening, when it looked like there were very few places if any left that might have some Moore votes. Kornacki correctly identified that those votes must likely had come from the suburbs around Montgomery. Sure enough when he looked at the percentages of votes remaining that had changed, it was the Montgomery suburbs that had changed when the lead was briefly cut into. Kornacki is damn good.


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