My First You Tube Editorial

I have taken my virtual presence one step forward – I recorded and published my first You Tube video.  I did it for my latest editorial – “#027 – In 2018 & 2020 Democrats had better have 20-20 hindsight”.  I also have posted it out to Facebook.

My guess is that if it does somehow happen to get more widespread exposure, as I hope, it will also draw some crazies out of the woodwork.  But that’s OK.  I can take it.  My hope and belief is that I may actually have some positive ideas and suggestions for Democrats who are thinking about running in 2018.


3 thoughts on “My First You Tube Editorial”

  1. Bro: your Utube video was done extremely well. You have a photographic presence that comes across strong and professional. I think you should take up Dennis’ mantle and seek public office. You certainly have good ideas on how to solve problems and could have the public presence to be a representative of the people. I think you should seriously look into running for office. Start locally, and by 2020 you might have a Congressional shot. Denny missed his in ’84 and I know he would give you his support if he were here. ❤️U.


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