028 – Silence is no longer an option – It NEVER has been. (An editorial)

The only thing good that you can say about his “shithole” comment is that he is totally clueless enough to say it in the first place.  I have always debated internally whether or not he actually understands what a completely vile, evil person he is, and that everything is an act with him … or whether he is completely unaware of what he is.

The much more frightening reality is that he MUST be unaware.

Any sane individual would realize how more and more transparent their lies have become, and would have some sense that they can’t just keep saying the things that they do without there being consequences.  Of course, his lies and his behavior have had no real consequences ever before.  In fact, they have allowed him to attain what he no doubt believes is the ultimate validation of what he is, and what he believes.

Trump is more dangerous now than he has ever been and he endangers each one of us every day.

I’m not saying that everyone has to run for public office, or has to go out into the streets and demonstrate every day.  But sticking your head in the sand and keeping quiet is simply not right.

Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, is predominantly filled with wonderful pictures of babies, nieces and nephews, pet cats and dogs, etc. etc. etc.  While we cannot lose sight of those things that make like worth living, we must not remain quiet.  You owe it to the future of those babies, nieces and nephews and pets, to at the very least clearly and loudly speak out against this outrage.

What kind of world will we leave to those things and to those people who make this life beautiful, and worth living, if we allow this despicable individual to continue unchallenged?

Do you really believe that Trump is not currently seriously weighing the option of provoking a nuclear conflict with North Korea if he believes it would be beneficial to him either personally or politically?

We may well be safe at present here in the United States – probably, but not definitely.  But what about the millions of South Koreans and, yes, North Koreans as well, who are in immediate danger of losing all of those beautiful things that we so proudly display on Facebook day after day?

Silence IS complicity.  Remain silent no longer.

2 thoughts on “028 – Silence is no longer an option – It NEVER has been. (An editorial)”

  1. I agree with you and so many others that we should not remain silent when our President is so very unpredictable and down right hateful in his comments. I feel helpless though. The people that run our Congress seem powerless too. Or at least unwilling to do anything about him. And if they can’t (or won’t) do anything, how can an individual citizen?


    1. In the end, voting is the only meaningful way. However, without being confrontational, one needs to at least not let their silence appear to be agreement. It has become so obvious that there can be no changing opinions. If everything that has gone on has done nothing to let people know that their hopes of possibility were taken advantage of by a despicable con man, then they will unfortunately never change their minds. It is the best protection that con men have had since the beginning of cons – their victims are too ashamed to admit that they were conned. Unfortunately, they must now simply be put aside as being totally irrelevant – because that is what they have made themselves.


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