Kitchen Remodeling

One of Deborah and my goals after moving into our new home here in New Mexico was to upgrade some of the features of the home so that we might better be able to enjoy it during our retirement.

The home definitely caught our eye, as it existed, when we first saw it.  It was not a fixer upper by any stretch.  But that said, we definitely knew that there were some obvious things that could use updating, and a few others that were in the “wouldn’t that be great …” category.

  • The first project we undertook was to re-landscape our backyard. Deborah took a landscaping class and directed our contractor in major changes to our immediate back yard.
  • We then worked with a contractor to upgrade both of our bathrooms – the master and the guest.
  • We have just finished working with that same bathroom contractor to remodel our kitchen area and that is the post that you are reading.
  • My own home projects are quite a bit less ambitious but have been fun. I am currently working on building a pergola out in the middle of our “Outback” – the wild area behind our immediate back yard area.  As I complete these projects, they can be viewed by going to the fly out menus at the top of the left sidebar on my blog and selecting What’s Roger Up To.

Posts of these projects, along with pictures, will eventually be available to be viewed by going to the fly out menus at the top of the left sidebar on my blog and selecting What’s Deborah Up To.

This post deals with our kitchen remodeling, which has completed as of the beginning of this fourth week in February 2018.

Our existing kitchen was quaint and attractive when we bought the home.  It was one of the things that definitely caught our eye.  However, Deborah had some ideas of things that could definitely be improved and, as projects often do, it morphed a bit during the process of design.

One thing that was not in the initial concept was to remove the wall that separated our kitchen/dining room area from the living room.  I admit that I was not immediately on board with that idea and even Deborah was a bit conflicted, though leaning in that direction.  Now that the project is complete, removing the wall has turned out to be the single improvement that has most transformed the entire living area.

Another thing that took convincing for me was to repaint the entire kitchen/dining/living room/back hall area to an off white, as opposed to its original light, canary yellow color.  For those of you who saw our previous home – our condo in Germantown Wisconsin – you know that our condo was anything but just off white.  As with most of Deborah’s projects, she has the eye of an artist and her judgement has proven to be successful time and again.  That condo had multiple, separate, adjoining wall areas and we painted them in alternating muted colors of purple, green, yellow, blue, coral and orange along with the overall cream colored walls of the original condo.  We did what?

The following pictures are from our condo in Wisconsin.  Judge for yourself whether or not the color ideas succeeded …

Germatown Wall Painting 01

Germatown Wall Painting 02



Germatown Wall Painting 05

Back to our current kitchen remodeling project.  It began the week before Christmas 2017 when we started preparing the area to be remodeled – boxing up all dishes, etc.  Demolition work started after Christmas with the removal of the wall separating the kitchen area from the living room.  In all, the active project took about a month and a half.  However, from conception to realization took about four months.

The following four pictures show the remodeled area, from four different directions.  The top picture in each pair is quite obviously the way the house originally looked right before the demolition.








If you are interested in seeing more pictures, including pictures of the project in process, please use the following links to view them on the Photobucket website.

Picture Locations on the Internet –

Start to Finish Progression

Before and After Comparisons

Picture Favorites


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