034 – “Mission Accomplished” My Ass! (An editorial)

That crap missile strike in Syria last night was such a farce. As I said in a previous Facebook post, “That’s a Hell of way to distract from Cohen and Comey”. Just exactly what was accomplished militarily or even politically? Nothing as far as I can tell. And the fool even tweets “Mission Accomplished“. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence would realize those exact words were what George W. Bush was so roundly, and correctly, criticized for.

They can say all they want about it degrading Assad’s chemical weapons capability, but I doubt it had much effect at all. I mean, Trump gave them at least three full days of heads up on the missiles. I think most commentators (at least those not on Fox) are quickly realizing that they have to call this for what it was – a distraction, plain and simple.

I certainly hope that report of Cohen having actually visited Prague during the election will prove to be definite. Given his direct denials, that would put a key Trump advisor in a position where he actively did meet with Russians, and then lied specifically about it. Who knows, maybe there is correspondence, or even digital recordings of it, in the stuff that was raided by the feds last week.

Cohen’s defense has always been that he had never been to Prague at any time, and could not have been there at that specific time reported because there was no stamp in his passport. I believe that is Roger Stone’s defense for not having met directly with Julian Assange as well.

Give me a break. How many books have we read, or movies have we seen, where agents have multiple passports to travel to different countries, some even with different passport nationalities? You don’t think these clowns could do that too?  Of course, it may be even simpler than that.  There is a report that he entered the Czech Republic via Germany, which then would not even have required that his visa get stamped.


One thought on “034 – “Mission Accomplished” My Ass! (An editorial)”

  1. Great commentary as always. But you have to admits that the Syria strikes took Comey and Cohen off the front page for a nanosecond…


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