Hardly any surprise, but the only times that this clown ever keeps his word are when it involves pandering to his base with the most hypocritical promises he made during the campaign. Think Paris Climate Accord, DACA, The Wall and now the Iran Deal to name the most egregious.

How in the world this makes anyone safer is beyond me. Did the deal address everything bad Iran does – no, certainly not. But it did put a system in place that at least seems to have a decent chance of stopping their nuclear program for at least the next 15-25 years, and perhaps preventing having another North Korea to deal with. You would think that Israel would have at least preferred that.

036 - Way to go Donny - clown embarrassmentA justification for trashing the deal is that it did not include any agreed to ban on Iran’s development of ballistic missiles.  Let’s be clear.  I am no fan of the government of Iran at all.  But let’s also get real.  We are telling Iran that they have no right to their own ballistic missiles.  If they don’t agree, then we will bomb them with OUR ballistic missiles, because we decide who has the right to have them, and who does not.  That was perilous logic at best when we ostensibly had  the moral high ground.  Given our continuing loss of any grip on that moral high ground, the logic becomes less and less defensible.

Apparently Israel’s current leaders (Netanyahu et al) are just a bunch of hawks, just like the people who now surround Trump. They want a fight with Iran because they think that right now, they can win it. Be damned with the consequences to anyone else, or even to their own people.

The talks with North Korea are more of a joke now than they were even before. How the hell can we expect Kim Jong Un to live up to any agreement at all, just given his and his family’s actions in the past? But now even he cannot expect that the U.S. will live up to any agreement we might make with them.

Just great, Donny. Just friggin’ great.


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