For those who do not typically watch TBS, and who may only know of Samantha Bee due to the controversy that erupted over the past week, here is a You Tube video (1:57) of Samantha Bee’s monologue delivered upon her return to television last night following the ridiculous firestorm about her reference to Princess Ivanka last week.


039 - The return of Samantha Bee - closest thing to a planFor those who voted for the jerk, that “get out of jail free” card you think you had because your only viable alternative to him was the hated Hillary … that card expired on November 8th, 2016.  You have OWNED this clown ever since that day.  Everything he says and does … you OWN it.

Trump is a pathetic excuse for a human being.  He demonstrates day after day after day that he does not deserve to even take out our trash, much less represent this great country.

Samantha has used that word numerous times over the course of her show.  By her own admission, she is not just using it for shock value but she is also trying to reclaim the word on behalf of the women who have been demeaned by it for so long.  Offensiveness notwithstanding, it is absolutely the right of women to own that term and to use it if they feel the need.  In many respects, that is not so dissimilar to African Americans rightfully owning and using the “N” word if they too feel the need.

The hypocrisy of the outrage is classic.  Trump says “grab ‘em by the pussy”, which are not only his words but are backed up by his reprehensible history of behavior as well.  039 - The return of Samantha Bee - locker room talkYet he is rewarded by being elected.  But a woman simply coopts another, very similar word, which has been used by men for so long to disparage and debase women, and she is pilloried.

It is easy to become numb to the totally despicable things that Trump and his administration do and say every day.  In fact, he is counting upon, indeed relying upon, exactly that.  His Republican lackeys in both houses of Congress lay on their backs with their feet in the air like subservient dogs mostly because they are terrified of their Republican base.

By the latest estimation, 87% of Republicans approve not only of the job Trump is doing but also in the way he is going about it.  Just let that sink in.  It is both mystifying and terrifying at the same instant.

Oh, and as to who is going to be fired first – you or Samantha Bee?  My money is definitely on you, big guy.

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