Without question, we do NOT need or want to know any specifics about Trump’s genitalia.  But that said, given how Trump and his minions are all 040 Trumps Junk - Genitals out of your mindtrashing Stormy Daniels as a liar, it would not surprise me to hear her describe something about said junk.  It would need to be something very specific, known only to Ivana, Marla and Melania (OK, and probably also to two hookers in Moscow … and probably to at least another 100 women or more).

My money says it will be described in something sort of euphemistic, so it won’t have any trouble being repeated on network TV.  I’m thinking of a similarity to how the media loved being able to report on the “DNA on Monica’s blue dress” knowing full well that everyone knew exactly what they were talking about.

Regarding some post self-pardon thoughts.

I admit to having had some ambivalent feelings regarding Gerald Ford’s pardon of Nixon in 1974.  At the time, I certa040 - Trumps Junk - Ford Pardons Nixoninly wanted that lowlife to pay for having put the country through the hell that he did.  But at the same time, I had no trouble believing that Gerald Ford was an incredibly decent man, trying to do the decent thing for our country.  For that, I gave Ford a pass.

With apologies to Lloyd Bentsen, Mike Pence is most definitely no Gerald Ford.  Besides that, Donald Trump is no Richard Nixon.  In retrospect, Nixon was a saint in comparison to the Trumpster.

Even if Trump does the self-pardon thing as he is priming everyone for his intention to do, my guess is that there are plenty of state charges that will be able to be brought against him, as well as civil suits such as those by Stormy and by Summer Zervos.  If Mueller’s charges prove without much question that he is a liar and a traitor, other civil suits will likely surface at that time as well.  My guess is that a bunch of NDA’s will also no longer be worth the mimeographed paper onto which Michael Cohen copied them.

If any of those suits are able to be proven in court, Trump certainly will not deserve any leniency by the judge, especially if he invokes the fifth and/or pardons himself.

If convicted, it shouldn’t take much for Trump to be sentenced to 10 years or more which, at age 70+, will effectively be a life sentence.

Let the legal process run its course.  But I can’t help hoping that Trump pays to the max for the hell that he has put us all through.

040 Trumps Junk - Stormy prize

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