044 – SWING VOTE MY ASS ! (An Editorial)

As I have said before, swing vote my ass!  The fact that Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring now, with the very likely probability that his replacement will be confirmed before the November elections, shows EXACTLY where he has stood all along.

He KNEW he was going to retire, and yet he still voted for that Muslim Ban.  What a despicable coward.

All Kennedy had to do was hang on until the elections. If the Democrats somehow took the Senate, then Trump would have been forced to at least appoint a moderate Conservative, rather than a blatant right-winger.  If they failed to take the Senate, at least Kennedy would have given the American voter the chance to have a say in this.

You can now count on Trump to nominate yet another young, Conservative idealog just like Gorsuch. It will take two heretofore gutless Republicans to stop confirmation and I sure as Hell won’t hold my breath on that.

We’ll be lucky if we see a Liberal majority again in our lifetimes. Kennedy now deserves absolutely no credit whatsoever for those very few times when he voted against the Conservative majority.  In fact, I hope that he lives long enough to see the damage that he has personally inflicted on the immediate future of this country.

What an absolutely crap week this has been for the Supreme Court, and for blind justice in general. I’ll bet Trump is feeling a lot better about his chances of successfully refusing that looming subpoena.

I know that Mueller is generally ignoring all of the politics on the outside of his investigation. But I just wonder whether or not this might motivate him to move up his timetable on at least one blockbuster indictment?  If Mueller already knows that Trump, or someone else in Trump’s close orbit, can be proven guilty of something, then why give the asshole a free pass to make this nomination without at least everyone first knowing about at least some of what is coming?


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