Who knew?  When remodeling our bathrooms recently, we did so in consideration of the fact that as we get older, we (or our guests) may need improved access to the second bathroom (larger door entrance, walk in shower capability, etc.)

However, I certainly never gave much thought to this sort of thing having to be done for our cats as well!

I have just completed a small project which has helped make our home more ADA compliant (ADA in this case stands for “Animals” with Disabilities Act).

Our 12 year old cat Spenser (with an “S”, like his namesake – the famous Boston PI), has lately found it increasingly more difficult to leap up to get at his cat food.  We have always kept it high for both cats in order to thwart the efforts of our dog Lucas.

I originally constructed the storage container on top of which we place their cat food, and inside of which is housed one of their cat litter boxes.

Before and after pics show you the original size and now the new, lower size, which Spenser seems to appreciate.

Quick Quips 007 - ADA Compliance - before and after

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