Music Reminiscences: D.O.A by Bloodrock

I have been reminiscing on Facebook with David -a friend and classmate of mine from Bloomer (WI) – about listening to an old underground radio station KAAY back in the late 60’s.  KAAY was from Little Rock Arkansas and was one of the rare 50,000 watt radio stations back then.  Even then, we could only get the station occasionally, and only late at night.  I would often listen to it with another classmate and friend, Robert, on a huge, old console stereo cabinet that was in his basement bedroom.

The show that played all this great stuff was called Beaker Street, and it’s inimitable DJ was named Clyde Clifford.  For those of you New Yorkers, he was our underground version of Cousin Brucie.

David originally brought this up in a post that referenced the Iron Butterfly’s classic hit In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida which was great.

Here is one of my other favorites from that time period, from the rather obscure group Bloodrock. It’s the story of a guy whose plane crashes and, as he is taken by ambulance to the emergency room, he realizes that he is either dead or dying. Creepy but fun stuff.

Speaking of his ambulance attendant …

“His face is pale as it can be.   He bends and whispers something softly.  

He says, ‘There’s no chance for me.’ “


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