Russia probe tests Pence in-the-dark  defense.




Update:  Sept 12, 2018.  In Bob Woodward’s new book, Fear, Pence is reported to have been in a meeting with Sean Spicer, and I believe also Don McGahn, in which Flynn’s contact with Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, was not only discussed, but where they listened to highly classified U.S. intelligence intercepts of Flynn’s actual conversations with Kislyak.

That happened well before Pence said that both Trump and Pence had been lied to multiple times by Flynn about having meetings with Kislyak.

I guess technically, Flynn may have lied to them.  However, #1, it is profoundly unlikely that Flynn acted on his own without at least Trump knowing what he was going to do.  #2, by the time of his public statements, Pence most certainly, and very likely Trump as well, were both very aware that Pence had been in very specific contact with Kislyak.

Do you suppose that question came up during Mueller’s interviews with both Spicer and McGahn?

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