It would seem that like it or not, Michael Avenatti seems to make his way into the center of much of the political craziness that is going on.  While it is hard to argue with the success he has had, and his generally accurate predictions of what will happen (I refer to most things Michael Cohen related), I have to admit I wish to Hell he had never mentioned running for President in 2020.   That does tend to tarnish his veneer of sober  prognostication.

060 - Kavanaugh Update - dropped hot potatoNonetheless, as blustery as the Republicans have been talking, if Avenatti and his client shake things up at all tomorrow (Weds, Sep 27), I think that the Republicans will drop Kavanaugh like a hot potato.


They have to be REALLY worried about how Kavanaugh will do under Democratic questioning on Thursday.  Kavanaugh really came off as robotic and potentially untruthful in his FOX interview last night. Plus, he dissed his wife by cutting off a question specifically directed toward her.  The dude’s got enough problems with women without adding fuel to the fire.

Here are things Kavanaugh said that were either outright lies or have since been disputed …

  • It was legal for him to drink when he was a high school senior.

    • Kavanaugh’s senior year at Georgetown Prep in Maryland was from Sep 1982 to Jun 1983. Maryland’s legal drinking age went from 18 to 21 in January of 1982.
    • Kavanaugh didn’t even turn 18 until Feb of 1983.
  • He never drank beer to excess.

    • This has been disputed by multiple sources and also some yearbook evidence.
    • In his yearbook, he was listed as Treasurer of the Keg City Club – a club whose goal was to consume 100 kegs of beer by the end of their senior year.
    • His roommate in his freshman year at Yale, James Roche, says that Kavanaugh “was a heavy drinker, even by standards of the time. When drunk, he was aggressive and belligerent.”
  • Kavanaugh was some sort of choirboy and a very focused student

    • Classmates have begun to dispute this pretty clearly.  One says, “He was a sloppy drunk.  I know because I drank with him.”
    • Even his best friend, and most notorious non-witness at the scheduled hearing – Mark Judge, wrote a book “Wasted:  Tales of a GenX Drunk”.  He confesses vivid details of excessive drinking at Georgetown Prep.  He even names a fellow student with a pseudonym Bart O’Kavanaugh.
  • When asked why he was referred to in numerous places in his high school yearbook as a member of the “Renate Alumni”, he tried to say that he knew and respected Renate and even dated her once and kissed her goodnight.

    • The “Renate Alumni” clearly refers to a group of boys who boasted of being physically intimate with Renate Schroeder.
    • She denies that he ever kissed her.

060 - Kavanaugh Update - drunk boy abortion.jpg

Granted, it seems for everyone who tells something about Kavanaugh which supports the accusations leveled against him, there also seem to be others who say that was not the Brett they knew, and there is no way he could have behaved that way.

I heard tonight that Chuck Grassley has limited Democratic questioning to 1 round of 5 minutes per Senator – ridiculous for any confirmation hearing, much less one for a Supreme Court nominee. The Republicans are having a female Arizona Sex Abuse Prosecutor handle all of their questions – the full 55 minutes.

My hope is that the other nine Democratic Senators yield most of their time to Kamala Harris. Now they may not want to do that and risk giving Harris a platform on which she may rise to more national prominence. But she would very likely be the one to make the most of those 50 minutes when questioning Kavanaugh, particularly in light of all that has come up in the past week.

The key now is Avenatti tomorrow – likely tomorrow night. If he and his accuser are credible, that may ensure that the Thursday testimony never takes place.

060 - Kavanaugh Update - middle finger libertyIf, on the other hand, Avenatti and his client do not come across as credible, that may embolden the Republicans to just give everyone the big middle finger and put Kavanaugh on the High Court, regardless of how credible Dr. Ford is during her testimony on Thursday.

3 thoughts on “060 – KAVANAUGH CONFIRMATION HEARING UPDATE (An Editorial)”

  1. Great commentary and I personally await with hopeful anticipation Avenatti’s reveal today. I hope his witness/victim is as credible as he claims. We shall see…


  2. Kavanaugh comes from the class of privileged white prep school boys who feel they can do anything without fear of repercussion. A truly despicable group in my estimation.


  3. In re-reading this editorial, now some months after Kavanaugh got confirmed, I was unfortunately prescient in positing what might happen if Avenatti and his client did not come off as credible. I think it is safe to say that the Republicans most definitely gave us all the huge middle finger with their votes to confirm Kavanaugh.

    Avenatti definitely did great harm to Dr. Ford’s case by providing an excuse not to take her accusations credibly. Not surprising how Avenatti has dropped off the surface of the Earth (or at the very least off of cable news) since that happened.

    I think his chances for the 2020 Democratic nomination have been harmed just slightly … don’t you think?


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