In a decidedly non-political topic, I just watched the NBC season premiere of the new series “Manifest”. Deborah and I enjoyed it quite a lot.

Full disclosure, since it does involve an element of time travel, that tends to make me want to like it. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it’s producer is Robert Zemeckis. You may remember him from the “Back to the Future” trilogy of movies starring Michael J. Fox.

You may have seen one of the promos over the past couple of months.  The basic premise is that a planeload of passengers on a commercial airliner arrives in New York.  But when they land, they are surrounded by FBI and emergency personnel.  They are told that they had all been presumed dead.  They got on the plane only hours before in 2014.  But the date is five years later when they land in 2018.


The plot of the first episode revolves around one family that had separated when a sister, brother, and the brother’s young son who has cancer, took a later flight.   When they arrive in 2018, they find that the sister’s fiancé has married her best friend and that the brother’s son who was terminally ill, now has a chance to survive, thanks to medical advances during those intervening five years.

My wife and I found the premiere episode to be quite interesting.  There are also loads of other potential plotlines because of all of the other people who were on that fateful flight.

This is good news particularly because two of our other new favorite TV shows, “Timeless” and “Salvation”, will quite likely not be renewed.  I did just see that at least a “Series Finale” for “Timeless” will be made into a 2-part, made-for-TV movie for “Timeless”.

So that at least is some good news.  Although, the show should most definitely have been picked up by someone – NetFlix, Sci-Fi … anyone looking for a good show.

Manifest - Timeless Lucy





  1. I watched Season 1 and enjoyed it very much. Haven’t watched the Season 2 opener yet, perhaps later tonight. I don’t like the Zeke character…


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