That was a complete, utter, reprehensible, embarrassing display put on by Kavanaugh on Thursday afternoon.  And because it was exactly what Donald Trump expected of him (except for the crying, of course) … the Republicans stand a very good chance of rewarding him with an appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Remember that middle finger I spoke about in my last editorial?  It is very likely coming, in spades.

Poor Brett – the victim – the VICTIM !

Can you even imagine the utter contempt that Trump now has for that crying, sniveling excuse for a man, even though he just gave Trump exactly what he wanted?  Kavanaugh may as well have MAGA tattooed on his forehead.

Kavanaugh’s family and Dr Ford’s have indeed suffered immeasurably during the past few weeks.  But for Brett, he has had the luxury of this only having taken place for a few weeks.  Until then, his life had sailed on unaffected.  Dr Ford has had to live with the nightmare, that Kavanaugh has now been extremely, credibly accused of creating for her, for the past 36 years – since she was 15 years old.

Stop and think for just a moment.   There is an extremely likely case that Kavanaugh was lying through his teeth the entire time.  By all means, he should be put on the Supreme Court for the rest of his life.

The contrast between the hysterical, yelling Kavanaugh and the incredibly quiet, intelligent dignity shown by Dr Ford could not have been more abundantly clear.

There was always going to be a very good chance that this nomination was going to be rammed through by the Republicans.  It certainly appears that it will be.  But today, Kavanaugh clearly demonstrated that he was unfit to represent any measure of whatever flagging dignity, and even mock judicial independence, that is still even remotely required to sit on that Court.

He is the unabashed, unapologetic, ultra conservative Republican operative and hack … and Trump enabler … that everyone knew he was all along. He proved that on Thursday without question.

He called the hearing …

  • A “national disgrace”.

    • Talk about plagiarism?  Those were Clarence Thomas’s EXACT words.  But hey, it worked for Thomas, and it just may work for Kavanaugh as well.
    • The only thing missing was calling the hearing the “high tech lynching of an uppity, privileged white man”.
  • An effort by the Democrats to get back at Trump because of the results of the 2016 election.

    • That had to send Trump chills of ecstasy up and down his spine … if only he had one.
  • Revenge by the Clintons?

    • My God.  And yet, the Republicans and a significant portion of the citizens of this country bought that hook, line and sinker.
    • You gotta have a bogeyman or woman. Hitler blamed an entire race of people.  It’s been so much simpler for Trump and for the Republicans.  They have only had to blame one man and one woman.

It is difficult to convey just how disgusted I was by Kavanagh’s performance today, and that is precisely what it was – a performance, and a pathetic one at that.  But just as the mythical “bar” of any type of reasonable expectation has been set so inconceivably low for Trump – it was equally low, if not even lower, for Kavanaugh.

To think that there is a very good possibility now that he will have a seat on the nation’s highest court.  I did not think that there was anything that could approach how intrinsically wrong it is for this country to have elevated Donald Trump to the Presidency.  Yet again, I underestimated the Republicans.  If there is to be an Associate Justice Kavanaugh, that would be as close as we can possibly come to making that exact same, historic mistake once again.

Lindsay Graham’s feigned rage and hysteria was just as deeply offensive as was Kavanaugh’s.  This was supposed to be a job interview just for Kavanaugh?  If we originally thought Jeff Sessions was the worst possible choice for Attorney General, how about Attorney General Graham?

  • 061- Kavanaugh - Roy CohnTrump may finally have found his Roy Cohn.

You want a chill up YOUR spine?

  • Just imagine the nightmare it would be if even the Senate does not change to Democratic hands in November. Graham will not be subtle at all.  061- Kavanaugh - GrahamHe won’t just try to obstruct Mueller’s investigation.  He will fire Mueller immediately and shut down the investigation. With a Senate still held by Republicans, there will be absolutely no way for Congress to do anything to stop either him, or to stop Trump.  Even slim majorities in both Houses will likely not be enough of a deterrent.

There is no question that some Democrats on the Judiciary Committee did not exactly do themselves, or the country, proud today as well.  Just as Democrats were taken almost completely off-guard by Clarence Thomas’s hypocritical righteous indignation back in 1991, I think that they were equally unprepared to provide an effective counter point to either Kavanaugh or to the Republicans this afternoon.

I have no doubt that a Democratic House would initiate almost an immediate investigation into Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment, should he in fact receive it.  But to think that anything concrete will come of that … other than a waste of time, emotion and energy … is a fantasy.

The only really positive thing that I could see coming out of that investigation is that Mark Judge would at least finally be forced to lie under oath, and in public, in front of the American people. But by then, it will be way too late to make any real difference.

Finally, let’s check off some items on Trump’s to do list.

  • Denigrate and do everything possible to stop the Free Press.   Check.

  • Take control of state-run media.

    • He already had a huge leg up on this one.  It’s called Fox News.  Now he just needs to eliminate all the rest of them.
  • Inflame rabid nationalism and tell the rest of the world to go suck on it.   Check.

  • Ridicule and demonize the intelligence community.   Check.

  • Pack the Supreme Court with your sycophants.   Check.

  • Throw your political opponents in jail.

    • This is not yet checked, but certainly not for lack of will, or for lack of effort.


Do those things sound at all familiar?

I’m pretty sure that even a Blue Wave will not be enough to really change the direction in which this country is headed.

It will take a Blue Tsunami.

So don’t just sit there and hope everyone else does their part this November. It is the responsibility of every one of us to take action.



061- Kavanaugh - Blue Tsunami


  1. Your editorial did not disappoint. I also watched the entire testimony yesterday and the events of this morning. Finally Senator Flake took a stand by demanding an FBI investigation into Dr. Ford’s allegations. I’m sure Grassley (at McConnell’s insistence) will grant his request because if he doesn’t he can kiss goodbye to Flake’s yes vote on the floor. Stay tuned…


    1. Old news now, but Flake did exactly as I expected him to. Yet another example of how he loves to try and position himself as the voice of reason, but then shows himself to be just as spineless as every other Republican Senator. The so-called supplemental FBI investigation was a complete joke, and whitewash. Hopefully, that will all come out when the Democratic controlled Congress initiates hearings into the Kavanaugh nomination. Mark Judge needs to be subpoenaed to testify under oath, as does Christopher Wray to explain why he allowed the FBI to be used the way they were.


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