While we certainly hope to have our Cockapoo Lucas around us for many more years to come, I got to thinking that it would be fun to put together a compilation of many of the photos we have taken in the almost 11 years that he has been an important part of our family.

The idea originally presented itself as a sort of Christmas gift for our wonderful pet sitter, Jan.  She has been taking care of all of our animals here in New Mexico whenever we go on a trip.  However, she has only known Lucas for about three of his 11 years.

Since Lucas has been a part of most everything that has gone on with us since moving to New Mexico, with the exception of some of our international trips, and a few trips here in the States, not only is this a pictorial of the last 11 years with Lucas, but it is also very much a pictorial of our lives, both here and in Wisconsin.

To see a compilation of all of the pictures and collages we have put together please click on either of the following links.  They will take you directly to the Photobucket website where all of the pictures can be found.

Lucas Through the Years – 2008

Lucas Through the Years – 2009-2018


However, if you are understandably not up to wading through all of those pictures (there are more than 70 of them 🙂 ) I have included a few of our favorites in this post.

Lucas Through the Years - picture 1

(The picture above is NOT actually our Lucas.  She is the inspiration for our Lucas.  Her name is Dakota, and she is a Cockapoo belonging to our friends Susan and Bob from Portland, OR.)

Lucas Through the Years - picture 2

Lucas Through the Years - picture 3Lucas Through the Years - picture 4Lucas Through the Years - picture 5Lucas Through the Years - picture 6Lucas Through the Years - picture 7Lucas Through the Years - picture 8Lucas Through the Years - picture 9.jpg


Picture Location on the Internet –

Lucas Through the Years pictures are in two groups …

2008 – His first year with us

2009 to Present

Tips when Using Photobucket

  • The previous links will take you directly to a slideshow of pictures and collages, related to the locations, which reside on the internet on the website.
  • Once the slideshow begins, the display begins showing slides at a Medium speed.
    • Slow displays each slide for 10 seconds
    • Medium displays each slide for 6 seconds
    • Fast displays each slide for 3 seconds
  • To change the display speed, click on the word SlowMedium or Fast at the bottom right of the Photobucket screen.
  • To non-display the bottom toolbar, and thereby maximize the picture on your screen, click on the   _Photobucket icon    icon at the bottom right of the Photobucket screen.
  • To display, or to redisplay a specific slide, you may click on the thumbnail at the bottom of the Photobucket screen.
  • To Pause the display at a specific picture, click on the  _Photobucket Pause Button   icon at the lower left of the Photobucket screen.



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