For readers of my personal blog, it may come as no surprise that #1 on my current all-time list of favorite television shows is “Fringe”.  It aired on Fox for five seasons from 2008-2013, and the series was brought to a satisfying conclusion in December 2013.


The series starred Joshua Jackson (“Dawson’s Creek” alumnus from way back when and, more recently, from “The Affair”).  Quick Quips - Fringe Reprise - John NobleIt also starred Australian actress Anna Torv and also, the adorably mad scientist John Noble.  Noble may perhaps be better known as the equally mad Denethor in the movie trilogy “Lord of the Rings”.

The reason for my mention of “Fringe” is that we have once again begun watching the series beginning with season 1.  Our recently purchased Smart TV, along with our Amazon Prime subscription, gives us access to “Prime Video”.  With that, there are many free movies and TV shows that we can watch, including all 5 seasons of Fringe.

Prime Video also gives us access to a few other excellent TV series which we have begun to watch for the first time, including “Bosch” and “Jack Ryan”.




If anyone has an Amazon Prime subscription and also a Smart TV, I urge you to check out the additional entertainment options you have with “Prime Video”.


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