The great debate right now within the Democratic Party is whether or not to begin impeachment hearings.  That is particularly true now in light of the overwhelming obstruction evidence documented in the Mueller Report.

I specifically used the word “documented” because 95% of it was hardly “uncovered” by Mueller.  We have all seen most of it unfold day by day over the course of Trump’s Presidency.

The political decision by the Democrats is essentially whether or not to press ahead with impeachment hearings given the absolute knowledge that any impeachment articles forwarded to the Senate would receive virtually no Republican support and therefore would never approach the 75% support needed for conviction.

My feeling is this.  Do NOT open impeachment hearings until AFTER other hearings are completed.

All of the really damning information in Watergate came out during the Senate Watergate Hearings.  The Impeachment Hearings were basically a formality to bring those charges up to the Senate for a vote.

Let that be the model.

It is one thing to read in Mueller’s Report that Trump asked McGahn to do “some crazy shit” (like fire Mueller), and that McGahn refused.

  • Hearing McGahn say that on national TV in front of the House is an entirely different animal, and would quite literally be viewed by millions of people.

It is another thing for Trump to tell Corey Lewandowski, who was not even an administration official at the time, to tell then AG Jeff Sessions to “unrecuse” himself from the Russia investigation, and then to order the OSC (Office of the Special Counsel) to change their mandate to include the investigation of only “future” foreign influence in our elections.

Not even Lewandowski coul stomach doing that, nor could Rick Dearbourn who Corey tried to pass this off to.

Again, it is one thing to read that (if anyone really HAS read the whole thing) in the Mueller report, or to hear it reported by your favorite news outlet.

  • It is much, much different to hear Lewandowski and Dearbourn testify to that in front of the House on national TV.

Those are just a few of the specific instances of Obstruction that were detailed in the Mueller report.  Click on either of the following links to see a list of all of the instances of possible instruction that are detailed in Mueller’s report.




By continuing with hearings, but not yet beginning impeachment hearings, it first at least opens up the possibility that there might even be a few more Alexander Butterfields (of Nixon tape fame) out there who might surprise us with new information we may not already know.

But even if we don’t learn anything new at all, once these clowns have fessed up in a very public setting to that which they testified to the FBI under penalty of perjury, then Articles of Impeachment can be voted on and sent to the Senate.

Those Articles will certainly fail in the Senate.  But you will then have all of the Republican House and Senate members on the voting record as having said, “Nope, what Trump did does not rise to the level of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.”



During the 2020 elections, let all Republicans seeking re-election constantly have to defend why they believe all of that repetitive and reprehensible behavior is not disqualifying to holding the office of President.

Oh, and THAT isn’t disqualifying, But Bill Clinton’s sexual relationship in the Oval Office and his single, under oath lie about it, WAS disqualifying? 


Even setting aside the apples to oranges comparison, if you find Clinton’s behavior disqualifying, then how in the Hell can what Trump has done NOT be disqualifying?

None of that will be intended for Trump’s base.  They have proven time and again that they could not care less what Trump has done or what type of despicable human being he clearly is.  To them, it is all about Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and about supposedly sticking it to every political norm, even if they must know by now that it has cost them personally in so many ways.

There is a significant middle ground out there who held their noses and voted for Trump hoping against hope that he at least would be better than the specter of Hillary.



There is no way that those same people would make that same mistake again under any circumstances, but particularly not since the hated Hillary will no longer be the alternative.


076 - Dont be afraid of impeachment hearings - the Mueller ReportTHE FULL MUELLER REPORT

If you have not read the initial redacted Mueller Report, and would like to read all or part of it, here is a link to an easily accessible PDF version of it.



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