Be careful what you wish for, Kellyanne.


That kind of “in-your-face”, “bite me” sentiment recently voiced by Kellyanne Conway pretty much sums up the Trump administration’s attitude toward virtually everything.  The news just really doesn’t change much at all.  The only real question is what in the Hell is taking so long for the courts to rule on motions to force documents to be turned over?

You would think that this stuff ought to be fast tracked.  What are the courts waiting for?  It’s not like there is much legal gray area that is being debated.  Further delays only serve to encourage the complete obfuscation that has been the response of Trump.

I am generally supportive of Nancy Pelosi.  She definitely knows how to get under Trump’s skin, and how to stare him down.  But her resistance to opening an impeachment inquiry is not doing the Democrats any favors.  There is more than enough information out there to justify opening the inquiry.  If that will provide any more leverage into getting people like McGahn to testify, or to getting at Trump’s tax returns, then why not go for it at speed?

Of course, it should NOT result in Articles of Impeachment being sent to the Senate to be voted upon.  When Trump said that crap about no one caring if he shot someone in the street, we did not understand at the time that the Republican Senate would be first in line not to care.  Even if some really further damning revelation somehow surfaced, they would still not give a damn.  So don’t ever let them have the chance to vote.

078 - Same Old, Same Old - ButterfieldBut put these people in front of PUBLIC hearings so at least it can put a face and a voice to the incredibly dishonest, despicable and unethical, even if perhaps not downright illegal, ongoing behavior of Trump and virtually everyone associated with him.  Then, once the story is told in public, just censure his ass and leave it for the voters to decide next November.

But the Democrats have to demonstrate some cojones as well.  It has now been over five months since they took over the House and still nothing concrete has been accomplished as regards holding Trump accountable.  Their threats and holding out hope that Trump and the Trumplings will somehow come to their senses has just been an incredible waste of valuable time.

I have to say that includes Joe Biden’s “pie in the sky” proclamation that somehow the Republicans will come to their senses once Trump is out of office.


Oh really, Joe?  How’d that work out for you and Barack?


I’m not a particular fan of Uncle Joe, anyway.  But that clueless misreading of the state of the Republican Party is completely disqualifying of him as our next President as far as I’m concerned.  I really do hope that someone calls him out on that one in the upcoming first debates.

I do find myself looking forward to these first Democratic debates.  I clearly also understand that they could very well turn out to be extremely disappointing.  With 10 candidates each night, and only 2 hours, that does not provide a lot of opportunity, if any, for much back and forth.  It will be interesting to see how each candidate attempts to maximize his or her brief time in the spotlight.  I’ll be especially curious to see how Harris and Buttigieg use their time.

I wonder whether candidates will use that time to attack each other or to attack Trump?  Particularly with the publicity around Netflix’s upcoming miniseries on the events of the Central Park 5, it would seem that subject is ripe to be exploited.


Someone should use the national stage to call out Trump right now to explain why he STILL has not acknowledged how wrong he was to call for those five black men’s execution, even now well after DNA evidence proved their innocence and another man was convicted for that crime.


Wanna bet that Trump won’t put his foot squarely into his mouth during his assuredly self-serving response to that challenge?


We are definitely in an extremely black hole of a news cycle – has been for the past five months and promises to be for some more months to come unless someone … ANYONE … demonstrates some of those cojones I mentioned earlier.

How about starting with you, Don McGahn?  

  • Your old boss just said that you committed a federal crime by lying to the Special Counsel? When are you going to stop covering for that disloyal, lying piece of garbage?

Or how about you, Robert Mueller?

  • Maybe you feel that you are above the personal attacks. But two years of your work has been constantly trashed and egregiously mischaracterized by both Trump and by his lackeys in what’s left of your once beloved Justice Department.
  • Do you just suppose that you owe it to the Justice Department that you once knew to speak up on its behalf?

Or how about the members of the Democratic House?

  • Enough with the posturing already.  Do something concrete.  A good start would be subpoenaing Robert Mueller to testify in public … immediately … regardless of whether he wants to do it or not.


I would at least fully expect Mueller to respect Congress’s subpoena authority, even if no one else will.


2 thoughts on “078 – “LET ME KNOW WHEN THE JAIL SENTENCE STARTS.”  (An Editorial)”

  1. Let ‘er rip, Bro! I completely agree with your final comments regarding Robert Mueller and his agreement to testify because HE respects the rule of law. I do, however, tend to agree with Nancy Pelosi’s deferring of any impeachment votes at this time. She obviously has a plan and this morning (Monday) on MSNBC it was reported that she is holding her caucus in line. I believe that VOTING Trump out of office is the way to get rid of him. And vote him out we must!


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