Pearl’s Blog: Complete Editorial List & Summary

I published the first editorial (Madness & Opportunity) to my blog back on April 28, 2017.  As of June 16, 2019, the number of editorials I have written is now up to 78.

While my blog contains a fairly wide variety of posts on different subjects, my editorials have provided a much needed outlet, not just for my writing, but also for my sanity.

This is, or I should say, will eventually be, a comprehensive list of all of my editorials, in reverse order from the date of the most recent one published.  I have also included a brief summary of the subject of each editorial, along with a link to each actual post.

If you are relatively new to this blog, this list should allow you to more quickly scan through all previous editorials to see if there are any that perhaps might be of interest to you.

Editorial List and Summary - Headings

079           7/1/19      Some Thoughts on the Supreme Court’s Gerrymandering Decision, and About the First Democratic Debates

Pretty self-explanatory by that heading.


078       06/16/19    Let Me Know When the Jail Sentence Starts

This editorial speaks specifically to the outright violations of the Hatch Act by Kellyanne Conway but also talks about the incredibly slow moving process for beginning the obstruction witnesses by the House.


077     05/10/19    Trump Corrupts Again … But Tiger Allows Him to Do It

While I have been a Tiger Woods fan since before he turned pro, even though he finally won the recent Masters, I was and am incredibly disappointed that he accepted the Medal of Freedom from Trump.


076     04/21/19     Don’t Be Afraid of Impeachment Hearings – Just Don’t Do It First Thing

This is a discussion of whether or not impeachment hearings should be started.  This post includes a link to the full Mueller Report.


075     4/21/19      Romney is Self Serving Once Again

This editorial reacts to Mitt Romney’s statement that while he was pleased that the Mueller report supposedly found no criminal wrongdoing by the President, he was personally “sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection”.


074     4/17/19      Ignore the Hype, Just Please Watch This Interview with Pete Buttigieg

This post includes a link to Pete Buttigieg’s first interview with Rachel Maddow.  It provides, I believe, a very good introduction to this very compelling candidate for the Presidency.


001     4/17/17     Madness & Opportunity

This was my first published editorial written a few months after the tumultuous 2016 election.  In it, I try to make some sense out of what happened.  I explore possible reasons why otherwise intelligent people may have decided that they had no option better than voting for Trump.  I also try to find at least some  possible silver linings in his election.

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