080:  Mueller’s Testimony:  Not the Wake-Up Call We Might Have Wished For, but Perhaps It Will Yet Serve a Purpose (An Editorial)

Well, it wasn’t a complete clusterfuck, but today’s appearance by Mueller before the House committees was damn sure close.  As I have speculated previously, my confidence in Mueller’s willingness … and ability … to counteract the completely distorted narrative that William Barr began more than three months ago, was not high.  Today’s testimony only confirmed that.

When Mueller didn’t immediately challenge Barr’s completely Trump-serving, baseless “summary” of the Mueller report back in April, that was the first clue that little if any pushback by Mueller would be forthcoming.  As time went by, with still nothing from Mueller despite the continuing barrage of personal and professional disparagement, including by Barr, Mueller’s usefulness in driving home the egregious behavior of Trump became wishful thinking, at best.

Given Mueller’s complete unwillingness and/or inability to even defend himself, much less to call out William Barr’s despicable mischaracterization of Mueller’s two-year investigation, Democrats were in an unenviable position today.  They perhaps could well have performed more skillfully in their questioning of Mueller, but I think the result would have been much the same regardless.

Well, now we know for sure that there will never be any chance that even an Impeachment Inquiry, much less actual Articles of Impeachment, receives anywhere near enough even Democratic support.

But don’t get me wrong in the least.

No President has ever done more to deserve not only being Impeached, but also being convicted and removed from office, than has Trump.


Trump has done, in the open, WAY more than Nixon ever did in private, and for which Nixon was forced to resign.  But it just is not going to happen with Trump.

The only way to get rid of Trump is to vote him the Hell out of office in November 2020.


Democrats, especially Progressive ones, must stop wasting any more effort on possible Impeachment.  They have now done their Constitutional duty which was required when faced with the outrageous and unlawful behavior of a President.  But the message is now clear that in our current political and social environment, Impeachment of Trump is simply a non-starter.

So get on with using Trump’s never ending pattern of corruption to make the case that if any President … EVER IN OUR NATION’S HISTORY … was completely unworthy of being re-elected to a 2nd term, it is Donald Trump.

Motivating voter turnout must ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY be the primary, and single most important goal between now and the election.  Everything else must take a back seat to that all-encompassing goal.

The Democratic candidate that is chosen must be the one who will generate the kind of enthusiasm necessary to get people off their asses and to the polls.

If some Progressive programs are forced once again to the back burner, then so be it.

Medicare for All has certainly been brought to the forefront of discussion but, for right now, at this moment in time, the focus must be on building upon the successes of Obamacare, and taking aggressive action to combat insane prescription drug prices.  Those are the things that will both drive people to the polls, while also not alienating the voting base that is still not convinced that the time for Medicare for All  has yet arrived.

The Green New Deal is another Progressive program that is an absolute necessity.  However, belief in the stark reality of Global Warming and its inevitable consequences does not yet equate with the type of universal public support for the Green New Deal  that is necessary to drive people to the polls, or at the very least, to NOT keep people away from voting.

You would think that visceral disgust with Trump alone should be way more than enough to motivate people to vote, even if voters don’t currently agree with every individual Democratic program proposal.  But being on the right side of history will mean less than nothing if Trump is re-elected.

Focus on the fights that will drive voter turnout NOW.

Hammer on the need for meaningful gun legislation   The threat and promise of Executive Action on that should be highly motivating.

Returning sanity to foreign policy should be another winning issue. The ads with Trump standing by world despots and strongmen, while simultaneously trashing our traditional allies, should literally write themselves.

Immediate repeal of the $1.5 trillion Trump tax giveaway is another no-brainer.  Leave in place the ridiculously small percentage of that giveaway that actually lowered the taxes for some non-wealthy individuals.  But repealing the rest of those tax cuts immediately frees up over a trillion dollars.

Earmark that trillion dollars saved for immediate infrastructure improvements. To finally, actually DO SOMETHING on infrastructure should be another tremendous motivator which should have tangible benefits that can drive voter turnout.  Thanks to Trump, using that trillion dollars can also be done without adding anything to the deficit.

Humane, thoughtful immigration reform should be a priority.  Throw this issue right back in the racist, bigot’s face.  Do that not just by pointing to Trump’s inhumane  treatment of immigrants on our southern borders, but also by proposing sensible restrictions coupled with humane treatment.  Also take immediate, Executive Action on DACA  to permanently address the “Dreamers” once and for all.

Smarter people than I can, I’m sure, can come up with other voting motivators.  But I will emphasize one last time, the Democratic candidate, and the Democratic Party itself, must place all of their emphasis on ending the Trump nightmare once and for all.

To do that, there is an achievable goal …



Then let the chips fall where they may.


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