081 – Let’s Discuss the Republican Alternative to Either Medicare For All or to Strengthening and Improving Obamacare. Oh, Wait. They Don’t “HAVE” a Damn Alternative ! (An Editorial)

The debate between Medicare For All  and strengthening Obamacare is taking center stage (unintentional pun) in this week’s CNN debates.  The discussion needs to be had and I, for one, don’t think that is a bad thing.

But what the Hell is the Republican alternative?  They are in court as we speak trying to deal a final death blow to Obamacare, and they have proposed NO alternative whatsoever.   Add to that their continued goals to roll back Medicaid expansion, and to cut back Medicare, and their “plan” is to not only make no change to the existing system, but to also provide even less coverage than already exists.

Trump actually said once again that he will wait until after the election to announce his magnificent healthcare plan.  How many times can he go back to that well and have his gullible syncophants just blindly believe him, despite all the evidence to the contrary?

The reasonably well off, and the downright wealthy HAVE healthcare coverage that suits them, and that they can afford, as well as the money to pay for the gouging costs of prescription drugs.  So screw the 10-20 million people who have gained coverage through Obamacare, including the people who couldn’t get any coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

Most of those hopeless bastards probably vote Democratic anyway … so screw them !


I’m not convinced that either Warren or Bernie should be the ones go up against Trump next year.  But if they are, the crap that Tim Ryan is spewing about that meaning the loss of 48 states to Trump is just that … crap.

The way forward for healthcare will continue to be debated well past the 2020 election.  Even if Warren or Sanders is the nominee, and perhaps the next President, that certainly does not mean that the country will just immediately enact Medicare For All.  Whichever direction healthcare takes, it will have to be the result of Democratic compromise.  Medicare For All, even while some version of it is the norm in most of the rest of the “civilized” world, still carries with it plenty of baggage here in the United States.

This debate is great and long overdue.  Medicare For All  is NOT ready-for-prime-time legislation.  This debate needs to continue, and to accelerate, and to force its proponents to address the concerns and fears of a majority of the electorate.  Medicare For All  is as yet, way too ill-defined, to be either fully embraced, or just as equally to be fully dismissed.

But the answer is not to simply wildly condemn the concept, as most of the so-called moderates did on the 1st night of the CNN debates.  Perhaps not a majority, but a significant portion of the electorate is very enthused by the general concept of Medicare For All.  I believe that they are willing to participate in a discussion of how to address the legitimate concerns that exist.  To just write them all off as far-Left extremists, however, is a prescription for disaster.

Pushing Warren and Sanders farther into their own corner is not the answer.  Instead, embrace the idea that the goal of the Democratic Party is to provide a healthcare system that addresses the needs of those who don’t have it, or can’t afford what little they do have, but also does not punish the people who do.

That goal of an improved healthcare system is what completely differentiates the Democratic Party from the Republicans, and which certainly differentiates it from Trump.

Let’s have that debate.

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