QUICK QUIPS: Apples vs. Rocks

Bill Clinton was impeached by the Republican controlled House of Representatives based solely upon isolated instances of personal conduct, and then one instance of lying about that conduct under oath.

Clinton’s actions were disgraceful and certainly unbecoming of the President of the United States.  His lying under oath about it was just plain wrong, not to mention being a violation of the law.  That rightly got him disbarred.  His actions also directly led, I believe, to eight years of George Bush.

But clearly, there was, and still is, a legitimate question about whether or not Clinton’s behavior rose to the level of being an offense for which he should have been removed from office.

In what alternate, dystopian universe could someone possibly support the impeachment of Bill Clinton and then turn around and  not  support the impeachment of Donald Trump?

Comparing Clinton’s impeachment to Trump’s impeachment is not even close to comparing apples to apples.


It is comparing Apples to Rocks.


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