First, my opinion is that it is patently ridiculous for Iowa and New Hampshire to have the kind of say they have as to which candidates either become or remain viable in the Democratic primary.  Both of those states are so far out of touch, and unrepresentative of the citizens of the United States, much less of the Democratic Party.

That said, the reality is that in the current environment, non-top tier candidates need to do well in one or both of those states.

071 - MY PREFERRED DEMOCATIC TICKET - An Editorial - Iowa CornOf those remaining at this point, my hope is that Amy Klobuchar does well enough to generate some additional national attention.  Perhaps she can capitalize on the self-induced implosion of the two leading Progressive candidates – Sanders and Warren.

One would hope that even if the eventual nominee is Biden, there would still be enough interest in simply getting rid of Trump and the Republican Senate majority, that there would still be a huge voter turnout, which should greatly benefit the Democrats.

But why on Earth leave it to chance?  I do not at all look forward to having Trump and Biden debate.  Uncle Joe is just not mentally quick enough, or assertive enough, to deal with all the bullshit that Trump will throw at him.  That is where you definitely need someone younger and more vigorous.

Not that I am yet that convinced that Klobuchar will be able to really push that bullshit right back in Trump’s face either.  There are a few other candidates no longer in the race that I think would have been better equipped to do that.  But perhaps Klobuchar will yet surprise in that regard.  I am absolutely convinced that there is no hope at all in Biden being able to provide that type of surprise.

So right now, I’m kind of hoping against hope that Klobuchar will be the eventual nominee.  Frankly, with the Sanders-Warren issues, that is looking less likely because I would have thought that between them, Sanders and Warren would have been able to capture enough delegates to prevent Biden from securing the nomination prior to the convention.  Then at a truly brokered convention, anything could happen.

071 - MY PREFERRED DEMOCATIC TICKET - An Editorial - Nominee questionStill, why not at least have a goal?  As it stands right now, I think a ticket of Klobuchar and either Cory Booker or Julian Castro might just be the best bet for generating the type of historic voter turnout that is absolutely necessary come November.

A Biden/O’Rourke ticket pretty much just turns my stomach … but certainly nowhere near enough to not at least cast my vote against Trump.  I just don’t know how many others feel equally that strongly.