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To be completely upfront, as of about midnight Eastern time on Friday, July 19th, this story has so far only been reported by the “failing New York Times”.  The link below is from the New York Daily News reposting the Times’ report.  I didn’t bother to link to the Times’ article because you have to subscribe to their online site in order to read the full article.

“If true”, this would be clear evidence that Trump has been lying about Putin, and participating in a deliberate cover-up for Putin, almost daily for at least the past 18 months.

But beyond that, do you really think that the intelligence briefing Trump received was the first time he knew what Putin was doing?

  • 048 - Trump Knew - Boris and NatashaIf so, I have a penthouse apartment in Trump Tower to sell you for $100,000, if only you would first send me a cashier’s check for $10,000.


This has a slightly different feel to it than everything else that has happened on an almost daily basis since Trump took office.  The intelligence report provided to Trump reportedly included top secret information from a highly classified source very close to Putin.  That source could definitely be put at risk by this information being released.

My theory is that whomever gave this information to the Times either knew that the source was perhaps now out of reach of Putin and safe, and/or the source was so pissed off by the events of this past week that he/she finally just said “Fuck it.  Enough of this.”

Since former CIA Director John Brennan was in that intelligence briefing, and since he has been such a vocal critic of Trump, including calling his Helsinki debacle on Monday “treasonous”, I will be interested to hear him in his first interview tomorrow (Thursday).  If he has known this all along, but has been unable to say anything more specific, can you imagine how frustrated he has felt every time Trump has either denied or equivocated about Putin’s direct involvement?

048 - Trump Knew - If true“If true”.  Two simple words that once again could become gigantic.  The only thing better than that, would be if Mike Pence received that same intelligence briefing.

048 - Trump Knew - News Update

Interesting that this report is not yet getting much coverage.  It is now the top story on the New York Times website, but not with the big banner headline that you might think.   I don’t even see it at all on the Washington Post website or on NBC’s.  Even the MSNBC site does not have clips from Lawrence O’Donnell’s or Brian Williams’ shows from last night where it received extensive coverage.

I’m guessing that other news organizations are having trouble getting corroborating sources since that intelligence briefing was SO sensitive.  There have not yet been any denials that I have seen on the internet.

Rachel Madow reported quite a while ago about a Russian who was grabbed in a meeting, had a bag thrown over his head, and hasn’t been heard from since.  I researched this and found that the individual was a top, cybersecurity officer who was arrested on Jan 26, 2017.  Interesting timing since that was not long after Trump received that intelligence briefing which cited a top secret source close to Putin.

Given what we know now, is it all that preposterous to wonder if, after being briefed, Trump himself had given Putin a heads-up on that source which may have led to his arrest?

048 - Trump Knew - News Update

048 - Trump Knew - Fuck You




Wonderful pseudo press conference following this morning’s Helsinki conference between Putin and Trump.  The incredulous outrage at how Trump could speak in favor of Putin and Russia, and against the United States and our intelligence community, is such a load of garbage.

047 - putin

How could Trump have been expected to say and do anything other than exactly what he did?

Let’s call a spade a spade, to put it in the bluntest racist language that even our ignorant, racist esteemed President can relate to.

How in Hell can any rational human being listen to even a word that comes out of that pathetic excuse for a human being’s mouth and not be completely disgusted?

The people who voted for the imbecile have rationalized hundreds of times to justify their monumental error.

  • Hillary was guilty of callously murdering those diplomats in Benghazi.
  • Hillary sold the country out as Secretary of State.
  • The Clinton Foundation was fundamentally corrupt and simply a vehicle with which to buy influence.
  • Hillary is a woman – enough said.
  • Obama was a black son of a bitch who had no business ever being elected to the Presidency even once, much less twice. Hell, he wasn’t even an American.
  • Obama was the worst President ever and is individually responsible for everything bad that is currently in the world.

A case can certainly be made that the Democrats currently in control of their party are not worthy of your time.  Bernie certainly tried to make that case.  Whether it’s Schumer, Pelosi or Perez, they are not an easy bunch to defend.

But how can they even compete for our disgust against the universally despicable cast of characters that purport themselves to be the sycophantic voice of the Republican party?

  • KY Sen. Mitch McConnell.
    • There is no single person who will be more responsible when and if Rowe vs Wade is overturned, or gay rights are limited, or healthcare is fundamentally destroyed, or ridiculously partisan gerrymandering is upheld, or Citizens United remaining in place to allow big money such a stranglehold over our political system.
    • 047 - WheeAs much as I despise Trump, McConnell deserves a much greater blame for Neil Gorsuch and for Neil Gorsuch II, whomever he may be (and it most certainly will be a white, He).
  • CA Rep. Devin Nunes.
    • I don’t care if his California district is 99% Republican. If that completely obscene excuse for a breathing human is reelected, then his “constituency” will be guilty of the most egregious act of ignorance ever committed by any electorate … anywhere … or at any time.
  • SC Rep. Trey Goudy.
    • How can even his own family look at themselves in the mirror without wondering how they can possibly be related to a person so totally without any sense of decency, humanity or morality?
  • OH Rep. Jim Jordan.
    • Even if nothing ever comes of the Ohio State wrestling scandal, this guy is another pure lowlife who has sold his soul to Trump.
  • AK Sen. Tom Cotton.
    • “Trump never said Shithole. I was there in the room and I never heard him say that.”
  • The entire House Freedom Caucus.
    • They might have had some legitimate claim to a glimmer of an ideal at one time, but their blind devotion to Trump has shown their supposed values to be the sham that they always were.
  • Senate Republicans.
    • A select few of them may occasionally talk kind of a good game, if they are not running for reelection, or if they are very likely dying, but their actions, or rather their stunning inactions, have placed them squarely among those who shoulder the blame for every single thing that Trump has said or done.

047 - People who werent captured.jpg

Now we wait breathlessly to see what Trump says in the follow-up to today’s meeting with Putin in Helsinki.  Who knows what type of concessions will be forthcoming?

  • An end to any remaining Russian sanctions, regardless of any United States law that has been passed by Congress?
  • A recognition of the Russian right to their annexation of Crimea?
  • An end to those “provocative” NATO exercises in the Baltics?
  • A verbal commitment to pull out of NATO?

Ridiculous?  Absurd?  Never happen?

Think November 8th, 2016.


047 - Shithole










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The following is an excerpt from my 47th editorial.  It is so way past time for the gloves to come off when it comes to the 45th President, and 44th occupant of the Oval Office.  To read my full editorial, click on the following link or on the graphic that follows.






The whole Russia probe is about a foreign country meddling in our elections. Well what the Hell is Trump doing, if not meddling in the UK political system? The difference, of course, is that he just does it right out in the damn open .

Theresa May, and the rest of the Brits, should just tell Trump to “butt the fuck out”.  My guess is the British people would think much more highly of May if she called the asshole out, and she needs all the support she can get right now.

Also, Trump’s implication that she is not “tough enough” to accept his supposed grand plan for Brexit, is so blatently sexist.

It all comes back to the basic “isms” when it relates to Trump.




White Supremacism

… and let’s not forget …



046 - Trump is an ass - dont forget both sides

044 – SWING VOTE MY ASS ! (An Editorial)

As I have said before, swing vote my ass!  The fact that Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring now, with the very likely probability that his replacement will be confirmed before the November elections, shows EXACTLY where he has stood all along.

He KNEW he was going to retire, and yet he still voted for that Muslim Ban.  What a despicable coward.

All Kennedy had to do was hang on until the elections. If the Democrats somehow took the Senate, then Trump would have been forced to at least appoint a moderate Conservative, rather than a blatant right-winger.  If they failed to take the Senate, at least Kennedy would have given the American voter the chance to have a say in this.

You can now count on Trump to nominate yet another young, Conservative idealog just like Gorsuch. It will take two heretofore gutless Republicans to stop confirmation and I sure as Hell won’t hold my breath on that.

We’ll be lucky if we see a Liberal majority again in our lifetimes. Kennedy now deserves absolutely no credit whatsoever for those very few times when he voted against the Conservative majority.  In fact, I hope that he lives long enough to see the damage that he has personally inflicted on the immediate future of this country.

What an absolutely crap week this has been for the Supreme Court, and for blind justice in general. I’ll bet Trump is feeling a lot better about his chances of successfully refusing that looming subpoena.

I know that Mueller is generally ignoring all of the politics on the outside of his investigation. But I just wonder whether or not this might motivate him to move up his timetable on at least one blockbuster indictment?  If Mueller already knows that Trump, or someone else in Trump’s close orbit, can be proven guilty of something, then why give the asshole a free pass to make this nomination without at least everyone first knowing about at least some of what is coming?



Sonia Sotomayor took the unusual step of reading the minority dissent from the bench when today’s Supreme Court decision upheld Trump’s Muslim (err, Travel) ban. All four conservative justices along with the supposedly “swing” justice, Kennedy, voted in favor of the ban. Kennedy issued a statement trying to give himself some cover but the bottom line is – he voted for it.

The dissent is quite long but the following article provides a rather brief, but good synopsis of the minority opinion.

The Supreme Court decision upholding Roosevelt’s Executive Order instituting the interment of 100,000 Japanese Americans during World War II is mentioned prominently in the dissent. I learned today that that ruling has now been officially overturned since evidence was uncovered that the government held back important information from the Supreme Court when that case was decided.

As Sotomayor read in the dissent, that was the right decision to overturn that wrong decision by the Supreme Court of the 1940’s. But today’s decision just replaced it with a new, more blatant version.

043- Sotomayors Damning Dissent - He didnt really mean itJustice Roberts explained in the majority opinion that basically, the President has the right to act to protect our borders and our national interests.  He cited only one example of Trump’s numerous anti-Muslim statements and said that, notwithstanding those, he still has the right.

In the minority dissent, it lists almost a dozen clearly anti-Muslim statements Trump has made both during the campaign and since becoming President.  But apparently, the Conservatives believe that does not have any bearing on why the ban was implemented.

043- Sotomayors Damning Dissent - highlight box

We cannot trust the Supreme Court any longer to make decisions based solely upon merits. Unfortunately, the only path left is to try and ensure that it ultimately will no longer have a Conservative majority. That only underscores the importance of taking back the Senate, as well as the House, this coming November.

If Schumer is Majority Leader, and Kennedy retires, for example, what do you think the odds are of Schumer letting another Trump Supreme Court nominee even get a vote in the Senate during Trump’s or even Pence’s final two years?  Is that right – Hell no!  But what alternative has been left to the Democrats?