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030 – Another Koehler for U.S. Congress?  (AN EDITORIAL and an announcement)

The following is a post that I just made on my Facebook account.

“Big friggin’ deal – another mass shooting in Florida today. Thoughts and prayers, etc., etc., etc. … yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, guess what? Rather than just continue to be extremely, overwhelmingly, intensely angry, this has finally caused me to take an action. I am going to contact the New Mexico Secretary of State to see about running for one of our three, U.S. Congressional seats. There is currently a Democratic incumbent – Ben Ray Lujan. The city I live in has almost double the number of registered Republican voters as Democrats, so I won’t even bother starting with local office.

I have no idea if this is even feasible, but it is damn sure time to find out. I will post updates here on Facebook when I learn if this is possible or not.”


I have already decided that if this is going to happen, it will need to be on a shoestring. It will be interesting to see if that is even possible. A good initial sign is that there appears to be no filing fee here in New Mexico.  I have read that many states have various filing fee requirements, such as Florida which requires a fee of over $10,000.  Talk about drastically reducing the potential pool of applicants for Federal office!

At the very least, I hope to be able to force the current incumbent, Ben Lujan, to take a stated position on a number of important issues.

One issue I have discovered already is that, even though he is a Democrat, he supports the Concealed Carry Reciprocity legislation that is surprisingly close to being passed. If you are unfamiliar with that legislation, it would allow a person whose state allows concealed carry to be able to carry that concealed weapon into any other state, regardless of that state’s laws. That alone tells me something very clear about his position regarding passing any meaningful restrictive gun legislation. He has also been in public service (statewide and national) for almost 30 years. It will be interesting to dig deeper and see exactly to whom he is beholding.

My guess is that my brother Dennis may be smiling down at me as I at least make this attempt.  Dennis ran unsuccessfully for a Florida U.S. Congressional seat back in the early 1980’s.  He was pretty disillusioned by that experience and never ran for national office again, although he did serve on the county board of commissioners in West Palm Beach for a number of years, including one term as commission President.

As I find out more about this process, I will post updates here on this blog.

For those of you who may have missed my first You Tube Editorial, perhaps it may be of a bit more interest now that I have stated my intention to run for public office.

Click on the following to view that editorial …



029 – Thank you Rand Paul … for ALMOST all of the wrong reasons.  (An editorial)

Don’t get me wrong.  Rand Paul is a total jerk.  But thank God right now he is the REPUBLICAN’s total jerk. Funny thing about it is that he is not completely wrong … but he is also being comically hypocritical.

Of course, both sides of the aisle are responsible for continued, excessive spending. But at least this is one thing that the Democrats are being generally honest about what they are idealistically trying to do with the money – help the people who need it. The Republicans, on the other hand, are blatently hypocritical with almost anything that comes out of their mouths … but none more so than with deficit spending. They rail about the Democratic abuse when Dems are in power, but then do even more when they are in power themselves – only their money goes primarily/substantially to the rich.

What Rand Paul is not saying right now is that everything he is railing against is EXACTLY what just happened when the Republicans passed that tax bill abomination … and RAND PAUL VOTED FOR THAT AS WELL. Where was his outrage then?

Rand Paul is now shouting: “How could they possibly be trying to ram through a spending bill that has not been read by anyone, and that has not been allowed to have any amendments?”

HELLO!  Does that sound at all frigging familiar?

029 - Thanks Rand Paul - Moron

Frankly, I don’t have a problem with a government shutdown. This never, ever should have been a situation where the deal was DACA being bargained in exchange for that ridiculous border wall or for the other legal immigration restrictions. But the Dem’s don’t have any power right now, so they have to take what they can get.

But this is beautiful – bring on the shutdown and let Paul and his fellow Republicans take the well-deserved blame.  They will probably still try to blame it on the Democrats, but maybe this time it will at least be a tougher sell.

* * *

P.S.  It is not worth a full, separate editorial (but maybe at least a Facebook post).  But here’s a You Go Girl to Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois.  She shoved Trump’s bullshit complaint about his not receiving praise from the Democrats during the State of the Union right back in Trump’s face.  “Cadet Bone Spurs” indeed.  Said Sen. Duckworth:  “I will not be lectured about what our military needs (nor will I take being accused of treason) by a five deferment draft dodger.”

029 - Thanks Rand Paul - Tammy Duckworth

028 – Silence is no longer an option – It NEVER has been. (An editorial)

The only thing good that you can say about his “shithole” comment is that he is totally clueless enough to say it in the first place.  I have always debated internally whether or not he actually understands what a completely vile, evil person he is, and that everything is an act with him … or whether he is completely unaware of what he is.

The much more frightening reality is that he MUST be unaware.

Any sane individual would realize how more and more transparent their lies have become, and would have some sense that they can’t just keep saying the things that they do without there being consequences.  Of course, his lies and his behavior have had no real consequences ever before.  In fact, they have allowed him to attain what he no doubt believes is the ultimate validation of what he is, and what he believes.

Trump is more dangerous now than he has ever been and he endangers each one of us every day.

I’m not saying that everyone has to run for public office, or has to go out into the streets and demonstrate every day.  But sticking your head in the sand and keeping quiet is simply not right.

Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, is predominantly filled with wonderful pictures of babies, nieces and nephews, pet cats and dogs, etc. etc. etc.  While we cannot lose sight of those things that make like worth living, we must not remain quiet.  You owe it to the future of those babies, nieces and nephews and pets, to at the very least clearly and loudly speak out against this outrage.

What kind of world will we leave to those things and to those people who make this life beautiful, and worth living, if we allow this despicable individual to continue unchallenged?

Do you really believe that Trump is not currently seriously weighing the option of provoking a nuclear conflict with North Korea if he believes it would be beneficial to him either personally or politically?

We may well be safe at present here in the United States – probably, but not definitely.  But what about the millions of South Koreans and, yes, North Koreans as well, who are in immediate danger of losing all of those beautiful things that we so proudly display on Facebook day after day?

Silence IS complicity.  Remain silent no longer.

My First You Tube Editorial

I have taken my virtual presence one step forward – I recorded and published my first You Tube video.  I did it for my latest editorial – “#027 – In 2018 & 2020 Democrats had better have 20-20 hindsight”.  I also have posted it out to Facebook.

My guess is that if it does somehow happen to get more widespread exposure, as I hope, it will also draw some crazies out of the woodwork.  But that’s OK.  I can take it.  My hope and belief is that I may actually have some positive ideas and suggestions for Democrats who are thinking about running in 2018.


027 – In 2018 and 2020 Democrats had better have 20-20 hindsight (An editorial)

How do you put a silver lining on a load of poop?

That disgusting tax plan that the Republicans jammed through just might be the best thing that they could have done, for this country, and for the Democrats, if the Dems play their cards correctly.

God knows there are enough negative things that they can throw in the Republican’s faces, but the Democrats also must to be able to run on something positive.

How about trying this?  Hmmm.  That tax legislation just gave a $1.5 trillion dollar gift, almost exclusively to the top 1% … or even less.  That means if the Democrats take control and have the ability to rescind that tax cut, they will have $1.5 trillion dollars to use … without having to even raise taxes on 99% of American tax payers.

How about …

  • Pouring a bunch of that $1.5 trillion into infrastructure? Now THAT should really affect jobs for the middle class, and therefore provide much needed wages.  Oh and our infrastructure just happens to badly need it as well.  Repair aging bridges.  Overhaul the ancient software that is still used for air traffic control in our country.  Upgrade the aging power grid … not just here but how about also in Puerto Rico?  All of that is not exactly just “make work” stuff.
    • One thing Democrats must absolutely guarantee is that the contracts for those infrastructure projects will be fairly awarded to the best offers made for them. There can be none of that pork barrel crap that Congress is so fond of awarding – by both Republicans and Democrats.

027 - 2018 and 2020 infrastructure

  • Reinstate the Obamacare insurance requirement – not because they want to take people’s choice away, but because no workable health plan anywhere in the world can be sustainable without requiring healthy people to have at least some insurance. No insurance plan is ever going to be either affordable, or sustainable, if only the sick and elderly have insurance.
  • Reinstate the subsidies which allow insurance companies to provide lower rates for needy recipients, while protecting those subsidies so that they do not just represent freebies for the insurance companies.
  • Reform the prescription drug system. The prices we pay for prescription drugs are insane compared to almost everywhere else in the world.

How about some other non-monetary positives …

  • Once again, put people in charge of government agencies who not only actually have some expertise in the agencies that they lead, but who also are not life long opponents of the agencies that they are chosen to lead! What an Earth shattering concept!

027 - 2918 and 202 - nincompoops

  • Forget that trite Make America Great Again nonsense.  How about make the State Department Great Again … or at the very least make it Respected Again?
  • Trump was big on doing everything he could to undo everything possible that Obama did by using the power of Executive Orders. Well, back at ya Trump.

If Trump does somehow survive to run again in 2020, let’s hope that whomever runs against him does their homework on the type of garbage that Trump pulled against Hillary, particularly in the debates.

If you are a follower of my previous editorials, you may remember editorial # 017 – Back the F*** off, you creep.

As I said at the top of this editorial, hindsight better be 20-20 if not even clearer than that.  The Democratic nominee should be locked and loaded for whatever kind of nonsense Trump tries.  Like when Hillary said that Trump would be a puppet for Putin.  Trump’s totally juvenile response was “I’m not a puppet.  You’re a puppet.  You are.”   Don’t you just wish that Hillary would have stopped dead, looked at him and said something like …

“Excuse me.  Is that the best you’ve got?  That is the kind of thing I would have expected the class bully to say to Chelsea when she was in the third grade.  How about trying to have at least an ounce of respect for the American people, and for the office you supposedly aspire to?”

It’s too late for that to do Hillary any good, but you would like to think that someone like Kirsten Gillebrand or Kamala Harris or whomever rises to the occasion, might have been listening rather closely to those debates.

Both in 2018 and 2020, when the disasterous tax legislation comes up, and Republicans repeat those baldface lies about how the plan is benefiting the lower and middle class – certainly not the wealthy, how about throwing Trump’s own words right back at them?  Within days after signing the tax legislation into law, Trump told some of his friends at a Mar-a-Lago dinner that “You all just got a lot richer.”

027 - 2018 and 2020 you all just got a lot richer

That should make a great ad in any Congressional race.  First, show one of the many clips of Trump saying how this was a big, beautiful tax cut for the middle class, that it was certainly not going to benefit him personally, and that his rich friends were not going to be happy with him.  Then seamlessly juxtapose that with his “You all just got a lot richer” comment.  Trump should be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to the 2018 and the 2020 Congressional elections.

Just as long as the Democrats avoid doing what my favorite comedian Louis Black once said about the Republicans who were trying to impeach Bill Clinton.  “The Republicans got Clinton firmly in their sights, pointed the gun at him, and then turned the gun around and “Blam” – they shot themselves in the face.”

Let’s hope the Democrats have learned at least a few lessons.