Our Backyard – Old & New

When we purchased our New Mexico home in spring of 2014, the home itself, and certainly the beautiful, unobstructed view of the Sandia Mountains to the back, were the features that had drawn our interest.  The home also had a substantial rear area which was comprised of a backyard separated by a low wall from a wild area further back – one which we refer to as our Outback.

The backyard, pictured below, was charitably “in need of some vision”.   There was also a nondescript rear window, through which the view to the mountains was partially obstructed by a pretty ugly metal fence.




2208 Monterrey - B4 and After

Deborah stepped up to the challenge.  She has always wanted, but never previously had, a home with a backyard she could enjoy and which she could look forward to as a relaxing refuge. She took a landscaping class at a local university extension and came up with a design for our backyard area that has fallen into place rather nicely.

The picture at the beginning of this post, as well as the ones that follow, will give you an idea of what our backyard looks like now … and the process continues.

2208 Monterrey - Side area b4 and after

2208 Monterrey - South Side area b4 and after


Finally, here is the view of the Sandia mountains as seen through our new picture window.  This was taken not too long after the backyard work was initially completed.

Monterrey Picture Window View.jpg

I just took the following picture yesterday (5/8/2017).  You can see how the vegetation has grown and how we have added a few more pieces of lawn art.

Monterrey Picture Window View 2

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