025 – Bend over and say “Screw me, please” as the tax bill gets passed (An editorial)

So Marco Rubio is now a “yes” on the tax bill. What a shock that is since Florida stands to gain disproportionately from the “tax” bill. Rubio didn’t have any guts (or smarts) as a Presidential candidate. He has shown neither guts, nor cojones, since then.

Even Bob Corker now says he’s on board. Even though Corker is not running for re-election, he is in the end still a Republican now in every disgusting sense of the word. I only hope that this bill does not do too much damage before it can be overturned by a new Democratic Congress, which unfortunately could not happen until after the 2020 elections because of a Presidential veto.

I want to stuff a sock, or something else much more disgusting, into Trump’s mouth every time he says that “Americans will be getting a wonderful Christmas present from this tax bill.”  What complete garbage, and every other Republican is spewing that same crap. Even if their idea of trickle down works even a little, which it never has before, at the very best, the lower and middle class taxpayers will take it squarely on the chin (as well as in another lower extremity).

025 - Kick me in the balls

This is not just a huge tax cut for corporations, and for the very rich, it is giving them that tax cut  by unabashedly taking the money away from the lower and middle class.  That will happen even before the supposed tax cuts for lower income Americans will automatically expire which, of course, the tax cuts for the rich will not. Then next year, before they are hopefully thrown out of office on their asses, in order to pay for the 1 trillion plus additional debt this bill generates, the Republicans will attempt to further cut entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Social Security, in order to reduce their self-created additional deficit. Once again, that will further sock it to the lower and middle class, and especially to the sick and the disabled.

How can anyone any longer even give the Republicans any kind of benefit of the doubt as to their motives?  Enough with the “a plague on both of their houses” nonsense.  If ever the Republicans have clearly and unequivocally separated themselves from the Democrats, it is now.  The Democrats have plenty of their own problems and, hopefully, when they are given back the full reins of political power, it won’t go completely to their heads and they will retain at least an ounce or two of humility.

Particularly now in the wake of this tax bill abomination, the comparison between Republicans and Democrats could not be more crystal clear.  This is no longer a situation where you just are comparing say, Al Capone to Bugsy Malone, in order to determine who is worse.  This has become much more akin to comparing Hitler to Dennis the Menace.

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