On this second last workday before election day next Tuesday, my thoughts have more than their share of trepidation, but they are positive nonetheless.

I remember like it was just yesterday the incredible pit in my stomach that I felt late that evening on Tuesday, November 8th 2016 when the disastrous result of that election became undeniable.  I was in a hotel room in Dallas Texas.  Perhaps, since even 9/11 is now 17 years in the rear view mirror, that will be this generation’s “where were you when you got the news that Kennedy was shot” moment.  My guess is that many reading this had very much those same exact feelings.

As we approach this election, I absolutely have to believe that everything that has transpired over these past two years will not have been in vain.

Trump’s very same narcissism that has been the cause of so much damage these past two years, may finally have resulted in something positive.  He obviously has always believed that everything is just about him.  His approach these last few weeks prior to the election has been to try and make everything be a referendum on him.  He actually thinks that is a good thing, because he can’t believe that there are enough people out there who won’t continue to be bamboozled by his bullshit.  It has worked so perfectly, and for so long, why should anything be different now?

The election is a referendum on me.

A vote for a Republican is a vote for me.

A vote for a Democrat is a vote for my impeachment.


063 - Tempered with Reality - Careful what you wish for


I am not blinded by starry-eyed optimism.  November 8th, 2016 took care of that, perhaps for all time.  But I truly believe that next Tuesday will result in the House of Representatives going to the Democrats.  While not nearly enough on its own, that will be a significant enough event to ensure some accountability for many people who so richly deserve to be held accountable.

Taking the Senate is against all odds.  Voter suppression and the riling up of Trump’s base only has to result in the defeat of one or two of those many Senate Democrats running for re-election.  If that happens, then absolutely everything else would have to fall into place for the Democrats to assume control of the Senate – a virtual winning lottery style event.

I am resolved that the Senate will likely remain in Republican control and that we will have to put up with two more years of stacking the federal courts with the same type of conservatives who just yesterday failed to acknowledge and reverse the blatant minority voter suppression efforts in both Kansas and North Dakota.  As I have said before, we must all hope for the continued good health of four Supreme Court justices.

As always, Trump thinks he is some kind of tactical mastermind with his last minute play to stoke fear of the “advancing hoards” on our southwest border.  Trying to send up to 15,000 troops with the implicit order to shoot at any rock throwers is just icing on the cake for him.  Never mind that soldiers are forbidden by law (see “posse comitatus”) from even conducting searches and arresting while on U.S. soil, much less from discharging their firearms.  His base will eat that shit up, and they have.  Just listen to any of the mindless comments made by people at his rallies.

But the vast majority of the American people are better, and much smarter than that.  I HAVE to believe that.  To their credit, it would appear that most Democrats are not taking the bait.  They are relying upon the American voter to see through more of the same nonsense that they have endured relentlessly for the last two years … hopefully just waiting for the opportunity to emphatically voice their opinion.

My one faint hope for the Senate is that the totally bogus denials that the Republicans are somehow now FOR the right of Americans to be covered for pre-existing conditions, will be transparently seen by voters for the stinking load of manure that it is. The fact that they would even dare to peddle that garbage can be no clearer proof of how ignorant they believe the American electorate to be.

In spite of all of their historic Democratic failings, this is definitely not an issue as to whether people are ideologically left or right, Republican or Democrat.

This is now starkly an issue of RIGHT vs. WRONG.


I know to my core that I am on the right side of THAT issue.  Be confident that you are too.

Vote your conscience.  When enough people do, the issue will take care of itself.




061- Kavanaugh - Blue Tsunami


  1. As always, your editorial was brilliantly written. I will proudly vote on Nov. 6th as I have every election, and hope that my fellow Americans do the same🇺🇸


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