Backyard Wall Art (What’s Deborah up to)

Since moving in to our new home here in New Mexico, an emphasis of ours has been to improve upon the extensive backyard areas that face the mountains.  Deborah initially took a landscape design class and, with the help of some contractors, really transformed the portion of the backyard nearest the house.  As the plants continue to grow, and we add some lawn art, it really is coming along nicely.

Deborah just recently completed a project to paint designs on the north, south and east facing cinder block walls of the farther portion of our backyard – what we refer to as our Outback.  We both feel that it has contributed significantly to the the southwestern feel of our landscape.

Next on Roger’s outdoor to-do list is the construction of a pergola in the center of the Outback above the recently refurbished block pad that is there now.

Wall Art - B4 and After 01

Wall Art - B4 and After 02

Wall Art - B4 and After 03

Wall Art - Portrait South

Wall Art - Landscape 01

Wall Art - Landscape 03

Wall Art - Landscape 02

We also painted the north wall in the near back yard which has been landscaped.

Outback Near North Wall - Before and After

The following three pictures show how the designs for the three walls were initially drawn up in a series of Powerpoint slides.  This is similar to the way that I design woodworking projects prior to their construction.  It provides us a lot of opportunity to see how things will look, and to be able to make tweaks, before the project is ever actually begun.

Whats Deborah Up To  -Wall Art Design East.jpg

Whats Deborah Up To  -Wall Art Design North.jpg

Whats Deborah Up To  -Wall Art Design South.jpg



6 thoughts on “Backyard Wall Art (What’s Deborah up to)”

    1. Thanks. Did you see my latest addition to that post? I just added pictures of the Powerpoint slides which I created so we could play with the designs before actually starting the painting.


    1. Thanks. I have already passed your compliment along to Deborah. Next time you are here, you can see it in person. I think it is better than the pictures.


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