It is SO tiresome to continue to hear some otherwise sane pundits reluctantly give Trump even some credit for reading the mood of the political electorate in 2016 better than anyone else.  Like he was some kind of incredible genius who saw something that no one else could.

How many different ways can you just simply say … HORSE HOCKEY (to quote once again, the inimitable Col. Sherman T. Potter of M.A.S.H.).

In this week of honoring the life and service of John McCain, Trump can only … only … be credited with understanding fairly quickly, what most of us thought could not possibly be the case.

Trump most famously said, early in the campaign …

055 - Trump political genius - not a war hero

When that didn’t immediately sink Trump, both politically, and also as a human being, he clearly saw it as a sign that “Damn, if I can get away with that, these ignorant sheep will let me get away with doing and saying anything.”

The distrust of all things political, and the intrinsic hatred that so many had for Hillary, allowed Trump to be at least competitive in a race that never should have even been close.

In the final days of the campaign, it was the 1-2 punch of James Comey – intentional or not – that finally gave Trump that razor thin electoral college victory.

Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 should eventually be given a sort of “date of infamy” in the history of the United States.  Obviously, Nov 7th, 1941, the original and the real “date which will live in infamy”, deserves a unique place in our history.

055 - Trump political genius - date which will live in infamy.jpgBut when the history is written of this time, Nov 8th, 2016 will very likely have its own, infamous place as well.

The Constitutional foundation of this country was severely tested during the time of Nixon and Watergate.  We passed that test with basically flying colors.

Our entire Constitutional foundation is in the midst of a test that makes Watergate look like child’s play.  However, there is no guarantee whatsoever that we will pass this test.

The framer’s of the Constitution certainly had in mind that at some time, someone like a Nixon or Trump would come along and put their system of Democracy to the ultimate test.  They created an independent, three headed system of government that was intended to be able to “check and balance” the excess or the downright malice and contempt of any one branch.

What the framers did not envision was that the current, Republican led legislative branch would fail so miserably in their duty to perform those checks and balances.

055 - Trump political genius - all the Presidents menI wonder now, in retrospect, whether we even would have passed the Nixon Constitutional test if there had been a Republican led Congress during Nixon?  Would there ever have been a Senate Watergate Committee, much less one that held its sessions in public, if the Republicans had been in control?  Based upon what we are seeing now, how can you possibly doubt that there would not  have been one?

Under Republican control, I could see Nixon surviving that crisis and never having been forced to resign.  But the saving grace, even of that, is that even with how corrupt and paranoid Nixon was, I think he still basically believed in the Constitution.  So our system of government would likely have survived Nixon.

There is no such guarantee of that at all right now and it is time for people to get their heads out of the sand (or their asses) and realize that.

This election coming up in just some 60+ days is so incredibly crucial. Trump supporters have no clue that the person to whom they so badly want to give a blank check to do what he pleases, is so ready and willing TO DO EXACTLY THAT.

There is NO  excuse for not voting this November… NONE AT ALL!

  • Gerrymandering … be damned.
  • Voter suppression … be damned.
  • The idea that Democrats don’t deserve support any more than Republicans … be damned.
  • The idea that Progressives are just too extreme for an otherwise moderate Democrat or Independent to support … be damned.
  • Apathy … be damned.

Vote as if our Constitutional form of government depends upon it.

Because it sure as Hell does !

2 thoughts on “055 – TRUMP – THE POLITICAL GENIUS? GIVE ME A DAMN BREAK. (An Editorial)”

  1. Excellent editorial. You have a knack of getting to the truth of the matter and expressing your opinions cogently. Thanks Little Bro.


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