Pentacostal Altar Frontal

In spring of 2016, Deborah received an email from a woman, Dr Ann Hedge-Carruthers, in Little Rock Arkansas who had seen some of Deborah’s art on her old website.  She was looking for someone to paint and create an altar frontal for her local church in Little Rock, in honor of the memory of her husband, Robert Cooper.  The project was to be much larger than anything that Deborah had painted previously – about 9′ X 4′.

Deborah and I flew out to Little Rock last summer (2016) and the following pictures were taken at the church.  In both pictures, a small sample, painted by Deborah, of what the cloth would look like has been placed on the altar so the folks there could give their final OK, which they did.

Pentacostal Alter Quilt 04
Pentacostal Alter Quilt 03

Once Deborah finished the painting, it needed to be quilted which was done by a local quilter here in the Albuquerque area.  The following picture is the finished product, as is the picture at the heading of this post.  The quilt was sent to Little Rock prior to the Christmas holidays.  Deborah and I will be flying back out to Little Rock at the beginning of June 2017 for the service at the church when the quilt will be consecrated.

Pentacostal Alter Quilt 02

Update:  Deborah and I returned to Little Rock and, on Sunday, June 4, 2017, her alter “frontal” was dedicated at the 9AM service at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.  The Episcopal bishop of the Arkansas diocese officiated the service.

2017 06 Little Rock Dedication 01

2017 06 Little Rock Dedication 02

Little Rock Dedication Ceremony

Little Rock Alter Cloth Dedication 05


2 thoughts on “Pentacostal Altar Frontal”

  1. Deborah, your altar cloth looks majestic in its installation! Really adds to and beautifies the sanctuary. Being there for the dedication must have been quite wonderful. Congratulations!


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